NEW YORK: Joannes’ concert in Central Park has been suspended due to attendees’ misconduct

NEW YORK: Joannes’ concert in Central Park has been suspended due to attendees’ misconduct

Presentation of the famous Colombian musician Juanes, Wednesday, July 12th In Central Park, in New York, he was suspended due to the bad behavior of those present.

Winner of twenty Latin Grammy Awards He was a guest as part of the popular Summerstage concert series and the Alternative Latin Music Conference, a music festival With free admission to New York.

with jones, The other artists scheduled to be held this Wednesday are the young gender group Conexión Divina Mexican Regional. There, in Central Park, the guy from Antioquia couldn’t even get to his third song when thousands of people gathered and They created chaos in the place. It was so chaotic that Juan had to tell the people to calm down.

Calculate the event It had a capacity of 5,000 people, but there were approximately 12,000 additional fansThey got to Central Park and tried to break in to enjoy the presentation Music

Heather Luboff, executive director of this festival confirmed that in 30 years of Summerstage, this is the first time they’ve had to stop a concert in progress because of for a non-weather related problem.

In the videos shared by dozens of users on social networks, you can see the moments when the singer addresses the audience to try to calm down Behavior of assistants and others as well where people are seen jumping cordons.

So sad we couldn’t finish our show, but I want you to know that safety will always come first for us, before anything else.. So I hope to see you very soon. I love you very much and I hope you understand that this is a force majeure and that it is getting out of control.

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