Jennifer Lopez looks more flirtatious and prettier than she did 20 years ago

Jennifer Lopez looks more flirtatious and prettier than she did 20 years ago

famous singer And Hollywood actress That after 35 years of work it continues to make millions fall in love Jennifer Lopez, which certainly, despite the years, still looks beautiful, some realize that today she looks much better than she did 20 years ago.

Bronx singer like Jennifer Lopez It is also known that she has always been a woman of unparalleled character, and the best part is that every part of her body is normal, so far no drastic changes in her figure have been noticed.

Despite the fact that nowadays it is very easy to undergo certain aesthetic arrangements, in order to look better, this does not seem to apply to a girlfriend Ben AffleckBecause since he was a teenager he has been doing sports and following a strict diet.

JLo is currently 52 and they could easily mistake her body for that of a little girl, if a comparison is made 20 years ago with the photos she shares today, the difference is pretty big.

Jennifer Lopez looks better than she did 20 years ago, will she repeat the photos? | EFE

Especially since he now seems to be showing his tummy more vividly, you’re definitely wondering how he’s doing that.

Her muscles definitely look more pronounced thanks to the movie she starred in alongside Caride B, We’re Talking about Hustlers, in which she played a night dancer.

By the time she was interviewed to get her opinion on the film and specifically the pole dance, this was something everyone was interested to know, as she did so as an expert despite having no experience.

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Jennifer Lopez He admitted that he loves this type of exercise very much and that he is considering including it in his daily exercise routine, because it exercises areas that he does not usually do very often, in addition to distinguishing his body more.

Of course, this type of exercise is also combined with others that he performs according to his personal trainer who stated that he usually does it 4-5 times a week, clearly complementing it with a diet rich in proteins, vegetables, fats and carbohydrates. .

That is why now he does not miss any opportunity to flaunt his figure, he is sure to constantly cause the envy and admiration of millions, even knowing that anyone can achieve such results with just a workout.

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