Puratic emphasized that we “represent a political space that prioritizes Chubut”

Puratic emphasized that we “represent a political space that prioritizes Chubut”

He defended the proposals promoted by Chubut Primero. He decided to distance himself with the other candidates and questioned the visit of national officials on election days. “Our future depends on us and we have to build it from here,” he said.

“We represent a political space that prioritizes the province,” stressed the Minister of Health and candidate for the position of National Representative for Chubut Primero, Fabian Porates.

Referring to the last week of the campaign, he highlighted the tours he made in various locations, saying, “We have a very good reception from people.”

In addition, he distanced himself from the other candidates and emphasized that “we will always wear the Chubut shirt”.

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He noted that “we are employers and management and we have concrete and viable proposals. This is what Chubut Primero’s candidates represent.”

“We work hard, walk every corner of the county, listen to everyone equally, round up our ballots, and publicize our projects,” he said.

He stressed in this context, “We have clear proposals, we represent a political space that prioritizes the province. We are a space in Chubut, no one should come to tell us what to do, and this is what distinguishes us from other candidates.”

“Today it seems that the only thing that matters is a quorum of the Senate to protect Christina or Macri,” he said, adding, “I have not heard any proposal in favor of a boycott.”

In this way, Buratic stated “I don’t remember in Chubut’s history that they were very interested in the elections. What they care about is the quorum of the Senate, they want to ensure the impunity of their leaders but they do not propose anything”.

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“Until November 1, our district was a forgotten province, and now it seems to be loved by everyone. They remember Chubut ten days before the elections.

In this sense, he expressed, “We represent the strength of Chubut, if we become national legislators, we will always wear the boycott shirt.”

“Our future depends on us”

On the other hand, he distinguished himself from other candidates, noting that “we are different because we are Chubut, and no one will tell us what we should vote on or stop voting. We will fight for the interests of the province.”

“The nation remembers us when elections are held because they need a quorum, but we must not forget that when Macri ruled, Campimos gave up the province entirely,” he said.

That is why, he concluded, “it is no longer useful for Chubut residents to come and tell us from Buenos Aires if they have to be one candidate or another, our future depends on us and we must build it from here.”

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