Jimmy Butler and Co. gave Miami the victory in Mexico, despite Keldon Johnson’s enthusiasm

Jimmy Butler and Co. gave Miami the victory in Mexico, despite Keldon Johnson’s enthusiasm

Jimmy Butler shone in Miami’s win in Mexico, aided by partners Adebayo and Hero, while Tottenham figure Keldon

Jimmy Butler took over Arena Mexico City In the party that means back NBA a Mexico. On the 22nd of Miami Heataccompanied by his partners Bam Adebayo and Tyler Hero Headed to win 111-101 vs San Antonio SpursWhere he highlighted the performance Keldon Johnsonwho played in Mexican tricolor tennis shoes.

Since before the match started, the property has already been transferred to another branch of the Miami Heatdespite of San Antonio Spurs It was the administrative building, therefore Jimmy Butler He was the most acclaimed since he stood on the field in Mexico City, conquered by the Miami striker’s jersey number 22, which was in all the halls of the building.

secondly, Keldon Johnson The sneakers he wore for the game on Saturday drew attention, as they were in colors that denoted a flag Mexico. Both were red with white faces, but the sole of the right boot was red, while the left was green.

before starting the match, Jimmy Butler He approached to greet Trey Jones, and as this was happening, he realized that they were just waiting for him to move over to his team to start the game, an action he performed to finally complete the game’s return. NBA a Mexico.

Keldon Johnson He dominated the first quarter, scoring 10 points plus two assists. While Jimmy Butler He added two points and only one assist.

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despite of Keldon Johnson He had more points, and the fans didn’t lose sight of him Jimmy Butlereven though he was on the substitute bench, because when he stood on it, he immediately started clapping.

It was from the third quarter when Jimmy Butleraccompanied by Bam Adebayo and Tyler Herowho became his main partners, addressed to Miami Heat to defeat it San Antonio Spurs On the Arena Mexico City.

finally, Miami Heat beat the San Antonio Spurs 111-101, with a 69-point triple-double. Jimmy Butler, with 26, plus 22 from Bam Adebayo and 21 from Tyler Hero; As for san antonio spurs, Keldon Johnson He was the only one to pass 20 units, with 22.

Miami lit back NBA to Mexico Triumphantly where I shone Jimmy Butler.

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