JLo wants to cut business with Alex Rodríguez to be “fair” with Ben Affleck

JLo wants to cut business with Alex Rodríguez to be “fair” with Ben Affleck

After deleting all the photos she had with Alex Rodriguez, Jennifer Lopez wants to continue cutting ties with her ex-fiancé; Now he is at work.

Diva from the Bronx wants to be “fair” with its now partner, Representative Ben Affleck, which is why it’s analyzing the possibility of selling shares that go along with its business, or buying ARod shares. The point is that everyone takes their own path.

According to US Weekly, JLo is in talks with his attorney to break the business partnership he established with the former baseball player, and one of his motives is the relationship he now has with Ben Affleck.

Jennifer finishes dealing with Alex. She washes her hands of him romantically and also as a business partner. The management team and lawyers will talk to your team to fix any issues. You will either have to sell or buy your side of the business. She does not care how everything is going, she just wants to be free from relations with him. She knows that this is just for Laban,” a source close to the artist revealed about the aforementioned medium.

It was Alex Rodriguez who pushed Jennifer Lopez to join many businesses and not only succeed as a musician and celebrity actor. “It made me feel comfortable investing my money in other companies and myself,” she told Forbes in December 2020.

JLo and A-Rod together owned a large real estate portfolio and were investors in the personal care company, Hims & Hers. They also launched their own personal training app, Fitplan.

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