Diego Linez and Leo Messi are the same player: La Volpe

Diego Linez and Leo Messi are the same player: La Volpe

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Ricardo La Volpe for the first time in Diego Linez With America and since then Features praised From the player who now plays for Betis and now goes back to pointing out his skills and confirming that he is physically equal to Lionel Messi.

“Physically they same player. I always compare wool With Messi For his physical qualities, his evasiveness, and his intelligence as a Creator. You will continue to improve. “He is a very important player for the future of Mexico,” he said. the athlete.

The mustache He also pointed out the lack of work in basic forces In Mexican football to train elite players, so he believes in it Gerardo Martino You will have to put in more effort to get good results.

“The Mexican soccer player Doesn’t have a sufficient basis for youth football. This player can reach section One And I still don’t quite understand how your message works. So the coach has to work day after day to repeat the exercises.”

He also referred to his criticisms stammer for the finals that mexican national team against United State On the Nations League and the gold cupPraising their experience.

There is always criticism and this happens Martino. He loses a match he doesn’t deserve to lose, and that costs him gold cup, which is something in Mexico We have to win. “If you lose, there will be criticism,” he commented.

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