Joe Biden spoke on the death knell of George Floyd: “I pray the result is right.”

Joe Biden spoke on the death knell of George Floyd: “I pray the result is right.”
Joe Biden (Reuters)

President Joe Biden on Tuesday called the verdict “correct” at the trial of former police officer Derek Zhou, who is accused of killing George Floyd, calling the evidence “overwhelming.”

I pray that the judgment is correct. The trials are, in my opinion, enormousBiden told reporters. He clarified that he spoke openly because the arbitral tribunal was isolated in a hotel and he was deliberately unrelated when speaking.

Biden also said he had spoken to Floyd’s family, who died around the world in May 2020, thanks to a video that showed Suu Kyi’s neck pressed for more than 9 minutes. The president added that Floyd’s relatives could not even imagine the “perceived pressure and tension” and stressed that they were “asking for peace and quiet no matter what the verdict.”

Joe Biden's message at George Floyd's funeral (Reuters)
Joe Biden’s message at George Floyd’s funeral (Reuters)

The unrest outside the courtroom is evident on the streets of Minneapolis, besieged by thousands of soldiers from the U.S. National Guard and other security forces, waiting for an end. Tensions in the country have been rising since the final length of the investigation into the shooting deaths of African-American Dande Wright, 20, in the Brooklyn center (Minnesota) and Adam Toledo, 13, in Chicago. Recent weeks.

On Monday, the Minnesota State Attorney’s Office and Suu Kyi’s defense presented their final arguments before the arbitral tribunal for about four hours, which will now discuss the case and reach a consensus. After hearing the arguments of both parties and the instructions given by the judge, evidence was presented that members of the arbitral tribunal, six whites and six blacks or other ethnic groups isolated themselves and locked themselves in a hotel. At trial and reach for a sentence.

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The judge, Peter Cahill, reminded the jurors of the necessary consensus of his verdict and asked that it be based solely on the evidence presented at trial. “They have to be completely fair,” Cahill told them.

With his lawyer Derek Suev
With his lawyer Derek Suev

The arbitral tribunal debates whether or not Suv is guilty The three charges he faces: Second-degree murder, punishable by up to 40 years in prison; Murder in the third degree, imprisonment for a maximum of 25 years, and murder in the second degree, which deprives you of freedom for up to 10 years. However, since he has no criminal record, Imprisonment can be limited to a maximum of 12 years One half imprisonment for the first two charges and 4 years imprisonment for the third sentence.

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