The grandfather pleads guilty to the death of a toddler in a shipwreck

The grandfather pleads guilty to the death of a toddler in a shipwreck

A grandfather 18-month-old girl who died He pleaded guilty Thursday to involuntary manslaughter from the open window of a Royal Caribbean shipwreck last year.

In July 2019, the ship was docked in San Juan, Puerto Rico, when toddler Chloe Vigant fell through an 11-story window while in the care of her grandfather, Salvador Anello.

There was also Anello, also known as Sam Collected by Puerto Rican in October 2019 Officers and initially pleaded not guilty. In February, he said he was going Confess guilt So his family can start to recover from the tragedy.

Judiciary of Puerto Rico a Report On Thursday a judge granted Anello’s request. He will be sentenced on Dec. 10.

Michael Wingleman, a lawyer for the Wigand family, said on Thursday that the petition agreement would allow Anello, who lives in South Bend, Indiana, to serve probation in his home state.

He said the decision to change the request was “incredibly difficult” for Anello and his family.

“But since there is no prison time in the petition agreement and do not acknowledge the facts, it was decided that this petition agreement is in the best interests of the family so that they can close this terrible chapter and focus on fighting for Chloe’s grief and travelers. Security by raising awareness of the need for carriers, ”the lawyer said in a statement.

Chloe was with her mother in the children’s water park area on the 11th deck of the pool. Her mother had to take the initiative in another matter and asked Anello to see her, As a case in point The family filed in December 2019 against the Royal Caribbean Cruise.

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Family blames shipping company for Chloe’s death A claim that the company has vehemently denied. The Royal Caribbean did not immediately send a request for comment Thursday.

In the July 2019 interview “TodayChloe’s mother, Kimberly Wickant, attributed the cruise to the “lack of a safe environment” on the 11th floor pool deck.

“A million things can be done to protect it,” he said. “My mother asked people, ‘Why on earth is a window open without a curtain or anything on the 11th floor?’

The lawsuit alleges that Anello “closely monitored” her granddaughter as Chloe walked to a nearby glass wall. Anello followed and held the little girl up to the window so she could bang on the glass, but she slipped out of his arms and fell through the open window.

The lawsuit against the shipping company is ongoing, and on Thursday Winkleman said the findings and evidence confirm that “this was a tragic, preventable accident” and that there was no reason to lay charges against the grandfather.

Anello has repeatedly said that he did not know the window was open. In an interview with CBS last year, he said it was colorful, which is why he could not tell the difference between closed windows and open windows.

But The company opposed that grandfather “Undoubtedly” knew the window was open.

In January court, which responded to the lawsuit, the queue contained a series of stills allegedly taken from a security video, and shows that Anello knew the window was open before grabbing his granddaughter.

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“When he comes to the open window, while Chloe is on the floor, Mr. Anello leans his upper body onto the wooden rails and outside the window frame for about eight seconds,” the company filed in court. “Mr. Anello was leaning out the window, so he was well aware that the window was open.”

Wingleman said the pictures were “wrong”.

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