John Cena has a problem because of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine

John Cena has a problem because of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine


They did not forgive him! John Cena It is one of the famous wrestlers In the history of WWELikewise, he gained even more popularity when he decided to jump into the big screen. One of his most famous roles is peace makerBut this time it backfired.

peace maker?

after news Russian military invasion of UkraineAnd the John Cena Post a message through your account TwitterIt is believed that it was originally an act of solidarity and support for Ukrainian citizens.

“If I could somehow Summon powers of #peacemaker Real life I think This would be a great time to do thatThe original message was from John Cena. However, despite the fact that the message was probably in good faith, there were those They took it the wrong way.

Users highlighted that this This is not the time to tweet Like that because the character peace maker Famous for being a “cruel character” and “obtain peace by any means necessary.” It was the opinion of others that It is not time to ‘take advantage of the conflict’.

Later, John Cena Share another tweet that reads: “Love what you do, but make sure what you do is not the only thing you love.”. The Peacemaker series managed to break the record for hbo max for the biggest release ever for an original series and has already been confirmed for a second season.

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