From New York, Lucerito Mijares is proud to have inherited the beauty of Lucero | Photo

From New York, Lucerito Mijares is proud to have inherited the beauty of Lucero |  Photo

Lucero and Lucerto Megaris They were again a trend in social networks, where they did not hesitate to demonstrate the excellent relationship that they had, but also the unique beauty that characterizes them; In addition, they denied that the young singer inherited all her father’s traits, because she is new picture Show that mother and daughter It’s like two drops of water.

This weekend, the singers shared stories on Instagram They travel through New YorkAnd Where they took the opportunity to step away and enjoy at least 15 other theaters, a moment they generously spread picture Which made them see that in addition to appearance, hair and smile, there are other features that make them the most beautiful women of the moment and that too with Beauty They have managed to conquer their fans.

Show viral picture bright Star With her classic curly blonde hair styled with a side parting; While in her appearance stands out white high neck blouse and necklace. Similarly, The Bride of America showed that at 52 she still had the complexion of fifteen years, without a single blemish and without a single drop of makeup, more than a little mascara.

So they are enjoying their trip to New York. (Photo: Instagram @luceromexico)

for this part, Lucerto Megaris She wears her Chinese hair perfectly plump and with some misplaced laughs. Additionally, as per her style, she wears a totally natural look in which she also flaunts the perfect skin befitting a 17-year-old girl. On the other hand, suppose he continues to wear the mask as another piece of his clothing, though he has put it under his chin for the portrait; While a little of her outfit stands out, a black blouse stands out.

“It was our adorable little green witch,” Lucero wrote in the selfie, referring to the play “Wicked,” which premiered this weekend in New York.

With this profile picture bright Star Let’s see it She inherited all her beauty to her daughter Slightly, because each of the features of Lucerito Mijares is identical to those of the actress, in which she stands out with huge eyes and thick eyebrows, as well as the shape of the nose and smile. Of course, the only thing that distinguishes them is that at a young age the singer maintains her natural black hair, while the “Friend of America” wears it in blonde tones.

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This trip was in New York

via Instagram, bright Star He also shared short videos of where his favorite play was performed and after the show, the mother and daughter enjoyed a more personal moment when they went for a “light pastrami sandwich”. Of course, on a luxurious trip, other experiences, such as meetings with other celebrities that fans did not miss, could not be missed.

In a bookstore New York, Mexican singers shared a photo with actor Fergie L. Philippe. It was Lucero who at the time shared his Instagram stories, saying, “I remember because we met one of the greatest actors in @hamitonmusical”.

The picture also shows that though Lucereto Mijares is similar to her motherShe sticks with her short hair and casual modern look with jeans and a long T-shirt.

Singers have fans and are fans of famous actors. (Photo: Instagram @luceromexico)

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