Johnny Depp breaks down in tears: Amber Heard recorded it as self-inflicted

Johnny Depp breaks down in tears: Amber Heard recorded it as self-inflicted

Ends One more day In court Slander against Amber Heard.

On the seventh day of the trial, Johnny Depp He continued his testimony and answered Amber Heard’s defensive questions, Who was responsible for showing evidence against the actor.

In such evidence, stand alone Videos and pictures of Deb vomiting, beating furniture and crying, to make him look like an unstable person. Although most of these Johnny responds without any problems, The truth is, there was the last video that made the actor cry in front of the jury.

Johnny Depp breaks down in tears: Amber Heard recorded it as self-inflicted

When The last minutes of the hearing, which took place on Thursday, April 21, In Fairfax County Courts in Virginia, USA Heard’s legal team showed a specific video in which Johnny was at the lowest and most vulnerable point in his life.

In the audiovisual provided as evidence against Depp, While Heard secretly records the entire scene the actor can be seen hurting himself with a knife and crying in pain. “I have no other reason to be here”Hear the actor say who he was at the time He suffered from suicidal ideation.

Had to cut the video Because the trial was nearing completion. This is expected to continue Johnny will take up the position again next Monday, April 25, to answer the remaining questions. By the defense of Amber Herd.

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How long will it be against Johnny Depp. Did Amber ask?

When Johnny had finished his testimony, Amber He will take the position to provide a version of the facts, and then, he will answer the questions and evidence put forward by Depp’s legal team.

The investigation is expected to continue Nail Four more weeks. Johnny demands $ 50 million in damages, A when putting amber The opposite case is asking for a double: $ 100 million.

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