Jomari Joysuu talks about our Latin beauty

Jomari Joysuu talks about our Latin beauty

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Jomari Goyso reveals what kind of queen she is looking for at Nuestra Belleza Latina

Season 12 of Our Latin Beauty There are only a few weeks left to go, and while the comeback of the popular reality show is heating up its engines, one of the most representative judges who has walked through the show has revealed data that shows little of what the contest will be like.

The thing that is worth noting is that this time the Univisión show will continue on the same streak as it left it for it In its latest version, where he broke the stereotypes that characterized the show’s 10 seasons north, where contestants had to be stylized women and all young.

Jomarie Guiso, speaking with his followers, via a video clip posted on the official account of the reality show on Instagram, and there he opened up about the type of woman he will look for as a judge on the program.

The stylist and make-up expert emphasized that above all what he wants to find in the future queen of Nestra Belleza Latina is to be an amazing woman, causing an impact, not because of her body but because of her attitude.

“I will be a judge at Nuestra Belleza Latina 2021, we started in September. I know there are a lot of feelings, I know there are a lot of expectations, and the first question they ask me is what do you want to find, and I (answer) I want to be surprised. I want to I’m surprised, I want someone to come and surprise me, because I think that in the world of entertainment we are looking for new things, things that you were not expecting, ”said the TV presenter.

And this is precisely the hallmark that has distinguished many of the previous winners of Nuestra Belleza Latina who triumphed the most on television after passing the beauty contest, such as Francesca Laspil, Alejandra Espinosa and Clarissa Molina, who went on to shine on the small screen, not only for her beauty but above all for her behavior and personalities. unique.

Gomari, who will be sharing the judges table alongside former Miss Colombia, Daniela Alvarez, also spoke about her most interesting thing about Univisión’s reality show, and gave an answer from her heart.

“I really like to be a part of a girl’s dream. I like to be on his way, someone dreams that one day he wanted to work on television, in the world of entertainment, and thanks to Nostra Belleza Latina, he got into work in the world of entertainment, and I want to be a small part of This date,” the program judge commented.

“They are loved and I hope for them soon at NBL,” the Spaniard concluded in his message with Univision adding: “Yes! Happy and excited to see jomarigoyso again as judge of #NuestraBellezaLatina. 💥😎💜 See you in September! 👑.”

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