Jorge Salinas breaks the silence about his daughter with Andrea Noli

Jorge Salinas breaks the silence about his daughter with Andrea Noli

14 years ago, Andrea Nolli I gave birth to a daughter I called Valentina, product of an affair with Jorge Salinas. Since the girl was born, she has not seen or lived with the actor; which she was not responsible for its maintenance either. Having been silent since the birth of the little girl now, the protagonist of the telenovela little you Break the silence and speak for the first time on this topic.

“There was no rapprochement between the two parties: no, she is like a mother [Andrea Noli]Nor am I the supposed father,” Salinas warned the media. [Andrea y yo] Those of us have to solve it, obviously without the presence of the media. It’s private and what happens there will happen.”

For her part, the actress said last week that for Valentina her father “does not really exist.” Also, the only person who always took full responsibility was her. He also revealed how difficult it is to face the situation at the general level. It’s like this: “I don’t have [papá] Noli said on that occasion.

“We don’t talk about the subject, almost nothing, it’s the same as always. She’s very clear about her status in relation to it and in relation to all this. So it has stayed that way, and the truth is quiet,” he said. added. “It was such a hard blow to me, from the media, and I don’t like it. In fact, I was so stupid and the truth is that I’m not interested in doing that. [pedirla algo a Salinas]”.

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For now, Jorge Salinas has made it clear that he will not seek any rapprochement. While Andrea Nolli asserts “I assumed I’d always be alone” to look after her daughter; “I have done it and will continue to do so,” he concluded.

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