Public Space Launches Investigative Journalism in Cuba: New Voices, New Stories | USA

Public Space Launches Investigative Journalism in Cuba: New Voices, New Stories |  USA

The independent study center Espacio Público has compiled a series of articles by journalists who participated in investigative journalism workshops during 2021 into a book called “Investigative Journalism in Cuba: New Voices, New Stories” and will be presented this Wednesday with the support of AmericaEconomy.

The organization that brings together independent professionals has been organizing a workshop since 2017 to train journalists in the investigative journalism trade, and although initially it was carried out only with Cuban journalists, this year it has included other countries on the continent, such as Nicaragua and Venezuela.

The result of this work was reflected in the book that It will be launched soon This Wednesday at 10:00 a.m. (Chile time) at an event moderated by Francesca Pinto, Researcher at Public Space and in charge of the project.

The event will serve as a framework to talk about the current reality of journalism practice in the region. Patricio Fernandez, founder of The Clinic and Director of Public Space, will be responsible for opening the forum addressing the issue of freedom of expression in Latin America and specific cases in Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela.

Later, Ricardo Useda, Director of the Institute of Journalism and Society in Peru, will present the development of investigative journalism in Latin America. Finally, journalist Alejandra Matos will focus on investigative journalism in times of pandemic.

To participate in the virtual event, you must register for this Link.

Espacio Público is an independent study center whose mission is to “contribute to building a more just, inclusive, transparent and democratic society”, for the benefit of all people in Chile and the continent.

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