José Angel García, Gail Garcia’s father, did not leave a will

José Angel García, Gail Garcia’s father, did not leave a will

Almost a month after the death of the actor Jose Angel Garcia HuertaHis widow, Bella de la Vega, revealed that the famous man had nothing to inherit, as he did not have any property in his name, and for this reason he did not leave willHowever, he estimated that he wouldn’t leave financial troubles either.

Let’s remember that father Gail Garcia Bernal He passed away at the age of 62 on January 22 from pulmonary fibrosis. After entering the hospital for a few days.

“There is no willNothing, Jose came to live here at my house; This is my country a house It is Jose Angel’s home, but I bought it before I met Jose Angel. Thank you, God did not leave DebtsBut he left no assets either. I showed Bella de la Vega In an interview with Sale el Sol.

Followed by Model He explained that she does not care that he did not leave something material, because he confirms that what he left Emotionally It is more important than the rest.

“He left everything he had Love And his affection, his trust, all his legacy, for me, what he left for me, is that he was with him and he was happy With the “, He said.

Moreover, she mentioned the widow with Sweetie Good times he spent with the recently deceased actor, with whom she had a perfect relationship Joys Since they met.

“I was counting everything we had Link Which was in quotation marks not very long, but very intense, very, very much BonitaEndearment is the kind of love that you carry with you for the rest of your life LifeHe declared.

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Bella de la Vega He also revealed that from time to time he speaks to his ashes the husbandWith which you rest at home.

I describe it as intense love that must be described, with passionMuch passion … What I’m saying is, I love him and I’ll love him all lifeAnd that his heart will always be in me, “ Expression.

The actress also revealed that her late partner was very affectionate with her, in addition to that he loved seeing her and flaunting her all the time, as well as photographing her in whatever position she was wearing.

“She was very passionate In all respects, of course he was a good lover, love me, love being with me, love my body, he is lovable My way…. I took a lot of pictures., is over.

Jose Angel Garcia loved to take pictures of his wife

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