Jose Manuel Figueroa after a lawsuit with Ana Barbara remembered when he left her standing at the altar

Jose Manuel Figueroa after a lawsuit with Ana Barbara remembered when he left her standing at the altar

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At the end of December 2001, Jose Manuel Figueroa and Ana Barbara They started one of the most famous romances in the group world, however, the happiness lasted quite a bit and they ended the courtship a year later. Despite the elapsed time, the Mexican singer-songwriter admitted that he loves the interpreter.

But that friendly relationship between the two singers could have ended after Joan Sebastian’s son uploaded a video on Instagram indicating that heto sing Forbidden Fruit“, Ana Barbara interpreted it for 12 years, apparently author José Manuel Figueroa.

“The biggest mistake of my career is that I always send unreleased songs to the women I wanted to beat.”He said in an audio recording that Juan Sebastian’s son sent to Gustavo Adolfo Infante.

The singer commented in the letter that he took some time to claim his song because it was at the disposal of Anna Barbara and not for the reason that she re-released “Forbidden Fruit” in an acoustic version.

From 2000 to 2004, she and I broke up because she had a son from Del Leon, we went back, and a rumor spread that I left her standing at the altar, there was a mess, and she started hanging out with Ninel Count I would rather stay with Ninel than demand songs.”the singer-songwriter dubbed “the first man” by the hosts.

Jose Manuel Figueroa has Ana Barbara’s brother as a witness

Speaking with the journalist “first hand” He commented that he can’t resist the royalties, but that his credit as arranger, composer, and producer is up to him because he wants to re-record the theme for his next album. Just as he assured that he would move on to the last instances so that the Forbidden Fruit would return to his composition.

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“I continue to test witnesses and receipts in Joan Sebastian’s study where all the fingerprints and most important witnesses I have are his brother.”

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