Vicki Davila, the only journalist among the 50 most powerful women in Colombia: Forbes

Vicki Davila, the only journalist among the 50 most powerful women in Colombia: Forbes

boss weekVicki Davila is the only journalist included in Forbes’ traditional list of Colombia’s Most Powerful Women. “These stories are relevant to the struggle for gender equality and show that the moment a woman is in is the moment we are actually living in.”, notes the special report, which includes 50 women leaders from all walks of national life.

In particular, Davila stands out for her wide appreciation in the country and for coming to lead this publishing house. Valle del Cauca is a four-time winner of the Simon Bolivar National Press Award, and is the first woman to hold the position of director of Grupo Semana.

In addition, she is the most followed Colombian journalist on social networks and the one who moderated the presidential debates in the 2022 elections. All over Colombia, they know who she issince she became known in the country during her time on RCN TV, La FM and W Radio“Private highlights.

Forbes explains that various criteria were evaluated for selecting the women on the list.

“One) tough saladThe resources they manage and manage such as GDP, income, assets under management, or net wealth.

2) its effect: The number of collaborators or the population they lead and their areas of influence.

3) Dynamic force: Audiences, Societies and Creative Influence.

4) Soft power: What they do with their influence is in each of the sectors: business, media, technology, finance, philanthropy, politics, art.”

The publication states that this list is globally recognized and made in 60 countries. It also shows that, unlike other similar lists, there is no in this list classification.

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Special highlights many women with meritorious jobs, including Carolina Gitan, the singer who performs the song Bruno is not mentionedWhich prompted the Colombian to be present at the Oscars. Also, for María Lorena Gutierrez, president of the Corficolombiana, who was recognized for being powerful from the Palacio de Nariño, during the government of Juan Manuel Santos.

Marta Lucia Ramirez is also in her position as Vice President and Chancellor, and in the business world is Marcela Carrasco, President of MasterCard for the Andes region.

Forbes magazine cover – The Most Powerful Woman Photo: Forbes magazine

From the public sector, there is also the Minister of Transport, Angela Maria Orozco, Mayor Claudia Lopez and Attorney General Margarita Cabello. And the states Clara Luz Roldan and Elsa Nogueira.

From the world of art, singer Carol J and Shakira. Among the business leaders, Monica Contreras, President of TGI; Silvia Escovar, Chairman of EPS Sanitas; Claudia Bejarano, President of Cerrejón; Marcela Giraldo Garcia, President of Colfondos; Camila Escobar, President of Procafecol (Juan Valdez), Adriana Noreña, Vice President of Google for Latin America and Ana Maria Duque, President of Shell in Colombia. And among the athletes, Mariana Pagon stands out.

This is the full list.

Mighty 50:

Marta Lucia Ramirez, Vice President and Minister of Foreign Affairs.

Maria Lorena Gutierrez, President of Corficolombiana.

Marcela Carrasco, President of MasterCard for the Andean Region.

Carolina Gaitan, actress and singer.

Angela Maria Orozco, Minister of Transport.

Carol G, singer.

Monica Contreras, President of TGI.

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Silvia Escovar, Chairman of the Board of Directors of EPS Sanitas.

Claudia Lopez, Mayor of Bogota.

Isabel Cristina Martinez, Vice President of Sustainability and Corporate Services at Banco de Bogota.

Christina Arastea, Vice President of Business for Bancolumbia.

Claudia Bejarano, President of Cerrejón.

Marcela Giraldo Garcia, President of Colfondos.

Hilda Maria Pardo, Vice President of Claro.

Camila Escobar, President of Procafecol (Juan Valdez).

Luz Maria Correa, President of Construcciones El Cóndor.

Anna Fernanda Majuachka, Chair of the Special Competitiveness Council.

Francia Marquez, candidate for the position of Vice President of the Republic.

Shakira, singer

Margarita Cabello, the nation’s attorney general.

Marcela Vaca, Director of Geopark for the Andean Region.

Maria Claudia Garcia, President of the Finsocial Foundation.

Adriana Noreña, Google Vice President for Latin America.

Clara Luz Roldan, Governor of Valle del Cauca.

Elsa Nogueira, Governor of the Atlantic.

Sofia Vergara, actress.

Bibana Tabawada, Co-Director of Jumhouria Bank.

Diana Fajardo, Constitutional Court Justice.

Angela Hurtado, president of JPMorgan Columbia.

Margherita Henau, CEO of Daviplata.

Catalina Britton, director of NO Columbia.

Dolly Montoya, Dean of the National University of Columbia.

Camila Osorio, tennis player.

Sandra Hennistroza, General Manager, HP Inc. Colombia.

Gygliola Aycardi, founder of Bodytech.

Maria Claudia Lacouture, President of Aliadas and Principal of Amcham.

Marcela Perilla, SAP President for Latin America.

Claudia Restrepo, Dean of Yvette University.

Ana Maria Duque, President of Shell, Colombia.

Mariana Pagon, athlete.

Lina Monsalve, Mercado Libre Director for Colombia and Venezuela.

Ana Maria Gomez, President of Anglo Gold Ashanti.

Angela Zuluaga, Vice President of Coca-Cola Latin America.

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Martha Lucia Henau, President of Cencosud Colombia.

Liliana Restrepo, founder of Frisbee.

Joanna Ortiz, designer.

Leonor Espinosa, chef.

Joyo, singer.

Silvia Cherassi, designer.

Vicki Davila, journalist.

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