Jose Ramon Fernandez, journalist banned from the World Cup due to an investigation

Jose Ramon Fernandez, journalist banned from the World Cup due to an investigation

Jose Ramon Fernandez. (Kuratoscoro/Getty Images)

world Cup It is usually the most important event for the players and the entire environment around it. football. Sports commentators also enjoy this event a lot, but there are certain cases where their targets are blocked by various incidents. Jose Ramon Fernandez lived in his body before 1990 World Cup in Italy.

The controversial journalist had given television coverage of a case cashiersan investigation that exposed document falsification of the national under-20 team during the pre-world championships of that category in Guatemala in 1988. The initial sanction, when the embarrassing trap was known, was to disqualify Mexico from the Youth World Cup. But everything exploded when the Mexican federation went to appeal the penalty with FIFA, and then the body decided to exclude El Tre also from all international competitions, Including the 1990 World Cup in Italy.

José Ramon Fernandez was not the author of the investigation as such, which was carried out by Antonio Moreno, a journalist who at that time worked for Imevisión and wrote for the newspaper. Cheers. But it was Fernandez who published the investigation on TV and In that “sin,” he also carried penance, because inflating this information ended up costing him his trip to the World Cup in Italy.. “It (Italy 90) was the World Cup that I was not able to participate in, and that they vetoed the cachirules issue, which we had removed two years ago. Not once has the corruption been discovered at the bottom,” Jose Ramon said in an interview with Brozo. For Latinus: “They vetoed you in the World Cup and Mexico.

With Carlos Albert, Jose Ramon received his refusal of accreditation. Instead, Raul Orfanos, who completed the trident, traveled to Italy. There is no longer a good relationship between Fernández and Orvinanos, which is why the narrator was straightforward in explaining why he left Imevisión for Cablevisión (and a year later for Televisa). “I told him I was leaving because I no longer wanted to work with him.”Orvañanos told La Saga.

Commentator Enrique Garay, who made his debut during that time in Italy 90, underlined his boss’s bravery when he found out he would not be in the World Cup. “We had to see his tantrum and his inability not to go to the World Cup because they prevented him from entering, what a manipulative world. When Jose Ramon got angry, he kicked things and no one could talk to him. He was telling us: Go and find the intellectuals in Mexico and ask what they think of this. We went with several and yes, that was a world size injustice. But it was Mexico where the mighty said when the sun rises,” Garay recalls in La Saga.

In the eyes of a certain section of fans, Jose Ramon did something very close to betraying the country: Mexico took the opportunity to play the World Cup.. And this idea, in fact, was also conveyed to some players, as was the case with Hugo Sanchez, who was angry at journalists who exposed the case as if they had fallen into the trap that left him without a world. Starring a generation of good elements.

at that moment, Hugol He would have arrived at his best moment after winning the Golden Boot with Real Madrid. In addition, there was a very interesting mixture of generations: the 1986 World Cup players along with the new generation, who had to postpone the premiere of the World Cup until 1994 in the United States. You never know what could happen. Sanctions were harsh towards Mexico. Internally, the damage was also evident, as demonstrated by the case of José Ramon.

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