Juan Carlos Osorio must give up more than half of his salary to lead Honduras. What is the profit of the former “H” coaches?

Juan Carlos Osorio must give up more than half of his salary to lead Honduras. What is the profit of the former “H” coaches?


After not continuing Diego Vasquez as a coach Honduras national teamIn the Finafouth They are working to find the new strategy.

Diario DIEZ managed to find out that there are favorite technicians in Honduras National Football FederationBut the first candidate is Colombian Juan Carlos Osorio, Who already knows what it was like to lead in CONCACAF when he was in charge of the Mexican national team.

Now, the question is: how accessible is it for a technician like Juan Carlos Osorio signed with Honduras?

Osorio He is 61 years old and currently manages Zamalek in the Egyptian First Division. His salary is not cheap at all and this is very evident for the Honduran federation.

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Colombian Juan Carlos Osorio He earned 1.2 million dollars a year on top of Mexico, that is, 100 thousand dollars a month, according to information published by the “El Pais” portal.

In the Honduras national team Not even close to being paid such a high salary. Among the former Bicolor coaches, he was the one with the most coaches Jorge Luis Pinto.

Pinto, also Colombian, was paid $50,000 a month as an “H” coach. the Finafouth He was in debt, and in the end the goal of going to the 2018 World Cup in Russia was not achieved. Of course, Bento shared his said salary with his fellow coaching staff.

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If we are based on this salary Jorge Luis Pinto And come to believe that Finafouth can make an economic effort, Juan Carlos Osorio You’ll cut more than half of your salary To guide Choosing Honduras. 100 thousand dollars is not affordable for our football.

How Much Did Honduras Ex Technicians Make?

Fabian Kitos and the “Bolillo” Gomez They were among the last coaches Honduras used in the last World Cup qualifiers.

uruguay strategist, Intercourse Fabian came to charge Honduras About $18k per month, subject to deduction he accepted in the year of the covid-19 pandemic. Before that, his salary was about $20,000.

On the Colombian side Hernan Dario Gomez, His salary was approximately $35,000.

“It’s $60,000 a month, but with all his coaching staff, he (Polelo) stays at $35,000 a month,” the Panamanian Football Federation director told DIEZ.

It must be remembered that Bolillo came to replace Coito, that is, only to direct part of the octagon towards the World Cup in Qatar 2022, where it did not go well at all.

The last coaches that led to this Honduras for the world cup, Reinaldo Rueda and Luis Suarez, There are no exact figures for their salaries when they were in charge of Bicolor.

Rinaldo Rueda, According to Colombian media reports, he earned $3.5 million a year from managing his coffee team. That is, Rueda was receiving a salary of $180,000 per month with his coaching staff, along with the last team he managed. I mean, currently it’s not cheap.

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Luis Fernando Suarez, who also took us to the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, has a salary of 380 thousand dollars a year in Costa Rica, which is about 31 thousand dollars a month. With Bicolor his salary was close to that.

We’ll see if it’s in the end Juan Carlos Osorio He agrees to stick to the budget he manages Finafouth. If not, then everything points to the Argentinian peter truglio, The current DT for Olympia is the more realistic option.

Osorio It is the number one candidate for Honduran Federation, Rinaldo Rueda It appears as a second option and then Pedro Truglio.

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