CBF confirms Ancelotti but he denies it

CBF confirms Ancelotti but he denies it

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The president of the Brazilian Football Confederation, Ednaldo Rodriguez, has reaffirmed that the Italian will lead Canarinha during the next Copa America.Tabitha Angel/Anatolu Agency via Getty Images

Brazilian Football Confederation (CBF) President Ednaldo Rodriguez, He confirmed that Carlo Ancelotti will take over the Canarinha helm in mid-2024.

He will be (in Brazil in the middle of next year). You can be sure“, the president told dozens of journalists who surrounded him as he left a press conference for coach Fernando Dinis, who was appointed as Brazil’s interim coach.

When asked about Ancelotti’s reasons for continuing to deny that he has an agreement with the federation, Rodriguez added that the Real Madrid coach “has the right not to say what he wants”.

Amid confusion and stumbling at the end of Diniz’s press conference, the president said the CBF had already announced the time Ancelotti Canarinha was expected to take over as coach in Brazil.

Rodriguez said on Wednesday that Ancelotti will be in charge of Brazil, although the confederation has not formally announced the deal or the date the Italian will take over. America’s Cup Year 2024.

However, the tournament will be played in the US between June 20 and July 14 next year. And Ancelotti has a contract with Spanish Real Madrid until June 30.

Most of the matches coincided with part of Denise’s tenure as interim coach in Brazil.

“He signed a contract on July 5, which runs until July 5, 2024. He will decide whether he will be there during that part of the Copa America“, the CBF president confirmed when questioned about the period in which the two coaches would agree.

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Before Rodriguez returned to address the matter, Dinis refused to give the Select Bank any information about Ancelotti’s arrival.

I will not go into the matter of Anjaloti. That is a matter for the Chairman (CBF). I’m going to talk about my style of play,” Dinis said at the press conference.I already know about Ancelotti’s plans but don’t know what they look like. They have to find another way to confirm that information.“, he added.

The Fluminense coach admitted that he personally does not know Italian, In his conversations with the CBF leaders, they assured him that he would have complete freedom and autonomy to impose his style of play without listening to anyone.

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