Juan Osorio and Eva Daniela: How the Romantic Producer and Actress Began, 37 years younger than him | Telenovelas nnda nnlt | Mexico

Juan Osorio and Eva Daniela: How the Romantic Producer and Actress Began, 37 years younger than him |  Telenovelas nnda nnlt |  Mexico

Televisa, the popular producer, made headlines in the major entertainment media in Mexico. What until a few months was just minor speculation, has already been confirmed by the producer himself: his romantic relationship with Eva Daniela, a young actress 37 years his junior.

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With humor, serial producer And his girlfriend, Eva Daniela, released a funny video on their TikTok account to respond to haters who criticize their love affair due to their nearly 40-year age difference and even show so little of the love they’re in.

In the long clip of about 30 seconds, 26 years old tells At different times: “Oh my love, they criticize us a lot because of the difference in age” and “People tell me that I am very loud,” he replies with the same phrase: “What does he have?”

At the end of the video it is Whoever says to him: “Oh my love, they say that our flirting is false,” then they stare at each other and when it seems that they will kiss each other to refute the rumors, they both approach the camera to cover it. above. Among the comments that appeared on social media, there is a great doubt: How did Juan Osorio and Eva Daniela meet? Here is the story.

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Joan Osorio and Eva Daniela, How to Meet: A Love Story

Juan Osorio and girlfriend Eva Daniela no longer hide their love and exchange romantic messages on social networks, showing that they are together more than ever. But how did it all start?

The new partner of Juan Osorio is Eva Daniela, a 26-year-old actress from Lyon, Guanajuato, who arrived in Mexico City after graduating from the Televisa Technical Education Center (CEA) to join the “Without Fear. The Truth” cast.

Juan Osorio met Eva Daniela in a selection the young made for his telenovela “What’s wrong with my family?” Since then the chemistry between the two has been immediate.

“I loved his style and everything,” Osorio said in an interview with TVyNovelas. “I’m sorry you didn’t stay, but there are other characters that I would like to do, such as a special performance.”

The Mexican producer admitted that at first he started a friendship, he began to take interest in her and finally Eva agreed to establish an official relationship.

“At first we were friends. One day I couldn’t stand it and I said, ‘I like you so much and would love to have something more serious with you, but I don’t know if you have a friend,’” so Osorio now told her her partner and she reciprocated.

“He told me he hadn’t been in a relationship for two or three years, and we agreed, because I was also quiet about it; I suggested you start something more formal, and I accepted!” The producer said.

He added, “Until now, I cannot tell you what defects I saw, because they were pure qualities, and I hope they will continue like this all the time.”

Additionally, Osorio stated that he has already met his mother’s mother and is part of his girlfriend’s family because he considers that “when a person has the idea of ​​establishing a relationship in good faith, one must show his face.”

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For her part, the 26-year-old spoke about the wonders of the Mexican producer, describing him as an extraordinary human being.

“I admire him, and I respect him. He is a very intelligent and disciplined man, and he has a passion for doing the things that he manipulates for everyone, which is why his projects are so successful. He is a very detailed man and an extraordinary human being.”

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