Julian Gill was diagnosed with skin cancer | Famous

Julian Gill was diagnosed with skin cancer |  Famous

Julian Gil I was surprised on May 4th by sharing that He was diagnosed with skin cancerEven though he said, “It’s okay.” The actor made a confession because his followers questioned him about the scar on his chest.

Al-Masrour explained that he was discovered nearly two years ago, when he realized he had a raised mole.

“Many of you have asked me about the scar I have on my chest, and I want to tell you that a year ago I was diagnosed with skin cancer. I hope this video helps you get tested and I never think we are free from a disease I love you!”, was the message that accompanied the video where He narrated his condition.

How did Julian Gill discover that he had cancer?

The Argentine actor was reluctant to publicize his condition, as it was “a very personal thing”, but he did so to help “raise awareness” in the public.

It ended over a year ago It looked like a small mole with a bit of reliefI went to the doctor, a dermatologist and an endocrinologist here in Mexico, and it turned out to be skin cancer.”

For Julian Kahn Too big a shock When I found out I had cancer, like everyone else, I never thought I’d get it.”

Jill had to go to the operating room and have surgery to remove the mole, which was successful, so now he says “it’s fine.”

Why did I get skin cancer?

Julian thinks so “extra sun” Cause illness: “Those who know me know it from Puerto Rico I always abuse the sun a lotMuch. I always wanted to be black and burnt and I was one of those who put baby oil to sunbathe and turned me upside down […] me I thought I was the superhero He admitted in the video.

Julian Gill’s recommendations

And he called on the public to take precautions when exposed to the sun: “Do not bathe, do not drink with sunscreen, and so on.” […] When you see a little mole, a little spot, something that worries you, like it’s weird, well, go check it out because the truth is there’s nothing more important than health,” he said on Facebook.

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