They reveal the dark past of Alejandra Guzmán’s friend

They reveal the dark past of Alejandra Guzmán’s friend

After we posted some pictures as they appear Alejandra Guzman Next to her new boyfriend on the show Chisme there is no such They warned the rocker about her partner, because it wasn’t what it seemed. Among other things, they assured that the brave singer was going to lie to him about his nationality and that he also maintained a relationship at the same time with another woman.

But now things are getting darker, and this is in the last broadcast of the program, Javier Siriani I asked La Guzmán if she had investigated a date Lance DeanBoyfriend, because they discovered things that leave a lot to be desired.

And the Argentine driver noted that in the public record Lance there are records Many marriages She got it; Plus several Demands support: “He had three very strong marriages, three children, one of the children lives here in Los Angeles and ordered that he not see his father.”, He said.

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Among his ex-wives is Laura Sotelo, who was an actress and is currently suing him. Plus all of his exhibitions express themselves very poorly about him: “They all had a bitter taste of it, when two or three women from your man’s past get into trouble, 99% are likely to have problems as well.”Added.

There is no such thing as Chisme

Finally, the Argentine sent a letter to the singer asking her to open her eyes wide so that they would not deceive her again: “If Larry Ramos really cheated on you, what did he promise you? Talk to their ex-partners so they can really clarify.”. is over.

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