Kamala Harris, who was the first female vice president of the United States

Kamala Harris, who was the first female vice president of the United States

Washington, USA.

Kamala Harris On January 20 he will break one of the highest glass roofs when he takes the oath Vice President of the United States, Marking the path White House History is very different.

As an adjunct to the President-elect, Joe Biden, Helped end the turbulent government Donald Trump. During the campaign, Harris confronted him for confusing the epidemic Govit-19, Ethnic injustice riots and draconian measures against them Immigration.

Harris, 56, enters the White House after traveling a unique route. Was The first black woman She was elected Attorney General of California and the first woman of South Asian descent in the Senate.

As vice president, he will be one step away from leading the United States.

Because it is expected BidenThe 78-year-old has served only one term, and four years later Harris will be uniquely positioned to win the Democratic presidential nomination.

“Even if I were the first woman in office, I would not be the last,” Harris said in a Nov. 7 speech, the first to be screened on American networks. Biden and Harris Like the winners of Trump and Vice President Mike Pence.

Trump He vehemently opposed the results, citing the lie that only Democrats won by massive voter fraud.

During the campaign, he routinely attacked Harris, calling him a “monster” after the October vice presidential debate with Pence. When asked by reporters about this, Harris abruptly cut off the president. “I did not comment on his childish claims.”

When Harris reacted harshly during the campaign, over the past two months, he and Biden returned to the programs she and Biden had introduced to help struggling families and repair the shaky economy.

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“The first 100 days of administration Biden-Harris They will focus on controlling the epidemic and ensure that vaccines are distributed free and free of charge to all, “he wrote on Tuesday.

While the vice president’s job is often seen as ritual, Harris will play a powerful decisive role in the U.S. Senate.

Thanks to two surprising Democratic second-round victories in Georgia this month, the Senate will be divided equally: 50 Democrats and 50 Republicans.

That means judicial candidates can spend considerable time at Harris Capital Hill on a number of important issues, ranging from Biden’s $ 1.9 trillion incentive program.

Two parents Kamala Harris They are immigrants. His father came to the United States from Jamaica, and his mother, who is now deceased, from India, whose life was marked by stories of the “American dream.”

Kamala Harris He was born in Oakland, California on October 20, 1964 and has been a center of civil rights and anti-war activities.

He graduated from Howard University in Washington, DC, a symbol of black culture in the United States, and it was the beginning of a better career as a lawyer.

But his speech as a “progressive lawyer” has been questioned by critics, who say he fought to uphold unjustified sentences and opposed reforms in California, a law enforcement agency that urged the attorney general to investigate such shootings.

But she is also proud to be the second black woman to be elected to the upper house, as she has the vibrancy of merging a platform and launching a successful candidacy to reach the Senate in the 2016 campaign.

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His tenure as Attorney General allowed him access Beau Biden, The late son of a former vice president, held the same position as him in Delaware, and died of cancer in 2015.

“I know how much Pew is respected Kamala Her work, and, to be honest with you, it weighed heavily on my decision (choosing her), ”Biden said of the running partner with Harris during his first appearance.

Harris reveals the glamor, and from his warm smile can quickly go to the trial trial that made him famous.

Parts of his 2017 challenge to then-Attorney General Jeff Sessions during the Senate hearing on Russia went viral.

Harris clashed with Biden during the first debate among Democratic candidates in the 1970s over the then senator’s opposition to a plan to enroll minority children in white schools.

“A little girl in California was enrolled in a public school in second grade and was taken to that school by bus every day,” he said, referring to children being taken to white school neighborhoods. “That girl is me,” he said.

During his only debate against the Vice President Mike PenceHarris raised her hand as he tried to interrupt her.

“Mr. Vice President, I’m talking, I ‘m just talking,” he snapped at the pencil, silencing him.

A Biden The image of a modern woman also helps her.

Kamala Harris She has no biological children, but claims her role as the mother of her husband’s children, said white lawyer Douglas Mhoff, who was active in the presidential campaign.

Emhoff will become America’s first “second man” and the first Jewish ally of the United States Vice President.

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