Keanu Reeves shows a surprise at a wedding … for an unknown couple!

Keanu Reeves shows a surprise at a wedding … for an unknown couple!

James and Nikki Rodnite It’s a UK couple who got married in the same hotel as the actor Keanu Reeves I was going to spend the night. The couple said “I do” last weekend in United kingdomAnd although they included Keanu Reeves among the guests at their wedding, they couldn’t believe what was happening was true when they saw John Wick’s interpreter appear near Fowsley Hall In Northamptonshire, the enclave where the wedding will take place.

“He invited him to come and say hi and have a drink with us, if he wanted. He was very nice and said he’d do it later. We didn’t know if he’d do it or not, but it was great that My husband will talk to him‘ says the woman.

After a while, a hotel employee approached the party area and warned the couple that “very special guest“I was outside and wanted to talk to his girlfriend.

From that exact moment, the day of the bride, groom and guests took a 180-degree turn: “Everything was so excitingI went to say hello and introduce myself. I offered him a drink but he refused and said he had just gone on a long flight so he wouldn’t stay long but he was very kind and friendly and congratulated us on our wedding. Then take the time to talk to some of our guests and take more photos,” the respective hero confirmed, explaining that Keanu He had an exceptional attitude the entire time he was at a party that has already become a part of cinema history.

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