They will take poetry into the realm of science fiction in post-apocalyptic Acapulco

They will take poetry into the realm of science fiction in post-apocalyptic Acapulco

Acapulco, Guerrero, August 27, 2022. With the idea of ​​taking poetry into the realms of science fiction, Acapulcan poet Diego Montes will develop the project over the next few months Tropical dystopia.

This, after securing a place in Guerrero’s Stimulating Creativity and Artistic Development (PECDA) program in 2022 in the category Creators and Artists.

Tropical dystopiaHe explained in a telephone conversation, “It will be poetry of science fiction in Acapulco, where the identity of Acapulco will be sought in the distant future; it will be texts that will start from a cyber image (21st century electronic culture) of the port, putting Acapulcan in a future not for flying cars, not in Science and technology, but a post-apocalyptic future where there is no tourism or the sea is subject to changes due to climate change, for example.

In this regard, he explained that for him, talking about Acapulcan identity “means talking about what we represent, culturally and humanely, in the self, here, now; how we construct ourselves from the inside out rather than how they see us from the outside and that (the identity of Acapulco) is still something Required until today, it is still being analyzed.”

Likewise, for the post-apocalyptic Acapulco post-apocalyptic search, “I will obviously rely on scientific texts and also on existing science fiction literature,” noting that Guerrero has writers dealing with science fiction.

“From there everything I propose in the project will be built,” he said, and it will consist in the development and realization of a collection of poems that will contain 60 poems.

The young writer also noted that “poetry can go wherever it wants and science fiction is no exception to the rule,” and recalled that the so-called “SciFi Poetry” is not guided by any principle, because the universe is pure change that hates man. As authors Pedro J. Miguel and Ana Santos in their statement.

Thus, he added: “In Guerrero, though there is a history of science fiction, it is not so well known, perhaps there is a narrative, but in terms of poetry, there is none, and it is interesting to think that if we go towards the future, poetry can accompany us; Although we have written about what was, our memories and our longings, why not write about the future, what might happen, about the people of Acapulco, and about our hopes.”

Diego Armando Montes Rosendo (Acapulco, 1989) studied ICT at Inter Global University and was part of the second and third generations of the Red de Letras Acapulco Literary Course Workshop.

Among the most recent awards are the 8th Jose Maria Mendiola Competition for Science Fiction and Poetry 2021, in the poetry category, and the 2020 Flight Log International Prize in the poetry category.

Text: Oscar Ricardo Muñoz Cano

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