Kevin Durant leads LeBron James in voting for the NBA All-Star Game

Kevin Durant leads LeBron James in voting for the NBA All-Star Game

Brooklyn Nets striker, Kevin DurantAnd Los Angeles Lakers striker, LeBron James, Led the first round of fan vote for this year’s NBA All-Star.

The update was announced by the NBA on Thursday afternoon.

Durant, who missed the whole last season and his first as a member, with a torn Achilles tendon, all players lead 2,302,705 votes, just ahead of James by 2,288,676, the highest total in the league.

Stephen Curry (2.11 million) He was the only player, other than Durant and James, to surpass 2 million votes, and as a result, was the singles leader for first place among the rangers / rangers of the West. Dallas Mavericks Goalkeeper, Luca Doncic (1.39 million), in second place, followed by Portland Trail Blazers goalkeeper Damian Lillard (998853) in third place.

Join Durant on the eastern front line firmly forward for the Milwaukbacks Giannis Antitecmonmo (1.75 million votes) and the Philadelphia 76ers Center Joel Embiid (1.58 million), and the three were ahead of the Boston Celtics striker Jason Tatum (822151) is in fourth place.

The Washington Wizards Ranger, Bradley Bell, The NBA’s top scorer, led all of the Eastern Backcourt players with nearly 1.3 million votes, and Durant’s colleagues in Brooklyn followed: James Harden (1,093,611), Keri Irving (1014763).

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Boston Celtics goalkeeper, Jaylen BrownChicago Bulls goalkeeper Zach Lavigne And the Atlanta Hawks Ranger, Bring the youth, They were ranked fourth, fifth and sixth, respectively.

In the west, James was followed into the frontline by the Nuggets Center Nikola Gokic (1.47 million) Los Angeles Clippers striker Kawhi Leonard (1.28 million) and his fellow Lakers Anthony Davis (1.19 million), with partner Leonard Paul George In the distant fifth.

Voting for the All-Star Game began January 28, and fans can vote on the NBA website, app, or Twitter, and voting will continue until February 16th. The All-Star Game titles, which are decided by fan vote (representing 50 percent of the vote), media vote (25 percent), and player vote (25 percent).) – will be announced on TNT on February 18th. The reserve players – who have been selected by NBA coaches – will be announced on TNT on February 23.

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