Wheat: “You have to believe that we are strong, an excellent generation is coming” – Basketball

Wheat: “You have to believe that we are strong, an excellent generation is coming” – Basketball

Tokyo, September 5 (EFE). – Oscar Trigo, the Spanish wheelchair basketball coach, lamented that they did not “finish” what they wanted at the Paralympic Games in Tokyo, which was a medal, but emphasized that they must believe they are a “strong” team “because an “excellent generation” Also come behind.

The Spanish national wheelchair basketball team lost to Great Britain in the third and fourth place match and ended in the Tokyo Paralympic Games without a medal.

“The future of the national team has a long way to go. We have strong teams ahead of us but we have to believe we are a strong team and we can fight for things. Eleven years ago I already thought that if you rub shoulders with the best you would be a little better. Rio (Silver) was not Coincidentally, nor Tokyo, but it is true that we did not finish what we wanted,” said Oscar Trigo, at the end of the match at Arena Arena.

Despite the defeat, Trego does not consider this to be the end of the cycle or that the national team has no more room for improvement.

“I don’t set limits on myself. The team can develop a basketball of many carats. An excellent generation has come from behind. We’ve seen ‘Pincho’ Ortega, Oscar Onrupia or Manu Lorenzo, who go out with their heads, play the semi-finals and fight for medals “, I acknowledge.

The Catalan coach analyzed the match chosen by the British team in a bad third quarter for the Spanish team.

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He announced: “In the first and second quarters, we took the match where we wanted, and with the exception of some minor mistakes, we were raising it to six or eight points by breaking its generators, but in the third quarter everything went wrong.”

“They increased the intensity level in the chair, we couldn’t play inside and found space in the middle to hurt us. We tried to find solutions in the third quarter but until the fourth we didn’t find the key to fighting the match. In the end we made a mistake in taking a free kick for the opposing team but it didn’t go out” .

“The team will still be among the best, it will appear in a month,” said Oscar Trigo.

“Now we see that we lost the bronze and come home with nothing. The first sensations are that we had two chances for a medal and they ran away, and that is what will remain in the retina of the players and coaches,” he said.

He concluded his speech by saying: “Nevertheless, being among the top four is a matter of pride in the work of the federation and the clubs that are trying every day to raise the level and reach the national team. We are trying to reach higher levels.”

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