Khair Stormer contacted police after colliding with a cyclist in London Politics

Police are investigating a clash involving a Labor leader Khair Stormer, In which a cyclist was taken to hospital.

Stormer is understood to be driving through the northwest London Sunday afternoon when the crash happened in Kendish Town.

A spokesman for the opposition leader said the incident was soon reported to a police station and that a person had been contacted.

Stormer is not believed to have been injured in the crash, at which time he is said to have been driving his own vehicle.

A witness to the Sun newspaper – IT developer Nicola Janes, 39 – heard a “loud noise” and then saw a cyclist on the sidewalk.

Spokesman Stormer said: “Khair was involved in a minor road accident on Sunday.

“He spoke with a British traffic police officer who was present at the scene and exchanged details with that officer and the other person involved.

“Keer was at the scene until the ambulance arrived. That afternoon, he reported the incident to a police station according to law. Since the incident, Khair has been in contact with other people involved. ”

The Metropolitan Police declined to confirm that Stormer was involved in the crash, but said the driver was not arrested.

The force said in a statement: “Police were alerted by LOS (London Ambulance Service) at 12.20pm on Sunday, October 25, after NW5 reported a road traffic collision between a cyclist and a car on Crapton Road.

“The driver of the car stood at the scene and exchanged details with the cyclist, but he left before officers arrived.

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“The male cyclist sustained minor injuries to his hand and was taken to hospital by LAS as a precaution.

“Officers then tried to contact the driver of the car and sent him a message to report the matter to the police.

“The driver of the car later attended North London Police Station. He was not arrested with caution or was not interviewed.

“Investigations into the clashes are being conducted by the Roads and Traffic Police Command.

A spokesman for the London Ambulance Service added: “Yesterday (Sunday) at 12.08pm we were called to report a road traffic collision involving a car and a bicycle on NW5, Crofton Road.

“We sent an ambulance team to the scene. One person was treated at the scene and taken to hospital. ”

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