California wildfire: Irvine, Silverrado, California fires issue evacuation order for about 60,000 people

California wildfire: Irvine, Silverrado, California fires issue evacuation order for about 60,000 people
The Silverdo fire started at 6:47 a.m. Monday local time in the Santiago Canyon Road and Silverado Canyon Road area. City of Irvine.

“The fire started in the Canadian city of Silverado, with helicopters and standard wing aircraft arriving,” Mayor Christina Shia said in a statement. “The wind makes it move so fast.”

The fire then spread to Highway 241, the Orange County Fire Department’s public information officer said on Twitter. OCFA said about 20,000 homes had been evicted. Foot Fire Accident Report There has already been a fire accident 2,000 acres were burned.

Videos posted by Power ignite fires in high winds.

Irwin listed six community centers where maintenance and reception facilities were set up; As of Monday afternoon, three people Full listed.

Silverdo fire, state and region are prone to major fire hazards from hot, dry weather. Nearly 34 million people in California and southwest, including San Francisco, Sacramento, Los Angeles and Las Vegas, are under the red flag alert.

In particular, there is an extreme level 3 of 3 fire levels across the mountains outside Los Angeles, where the wind is more likely to blow than the hurricane force.

Call Fire said Sunday As it was already a historic fire season across western America, more than 20 firefighters are working to fully control 20 wildfires in the state.

Dry conditions, low humidity and windy weather are triggering a power outage and a call for readiness as the fire season continues in California.

The National Weather Service has forecast winds of up to 80 mph in mountainous areas in LA and Ventura districts, and warned of power outages, fire conditions and delays at local airports.

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Utility Southern California Edition operated a public safety power outage (BSPS) at 7:30 a.m. Monday for 3,677 customers in the Los Angeles, Orange and San Bernardino counties. As the Santa Ana wind blows across the area, another 123,000 customers will be able to use BSPS.

SCE has a total of 5 million customers, and it says electricity will be restored to affected accounts within 24 hours of the wind event.

Dave Hennan of CNN contributed to this report.

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