Kirsten Dunst revealed how much Tobey Maguire accused him of being Spider-Man

Kirsten Dunst revealed how much Tobey Maguire accused him of being Spider-Man

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today is Marvel lovers They are back crazy for him premiere of the movie “Spider-Man”; There is no place for home same where Andrew Garfield and Tobey Maguire are said to appear, I did what It will be almost confirmed after some leaks.

With excitement at the top, some came out Interesting data Over the Antigus Spider-Man, as the interpreter Tobey Maguire A few years ago, well Kirsten Dunst, The actress who gave life to Mary Jane in her story, He gave hints about how much he paid for being the spider-man superhero.

How many million did Tobey Maguire make?

in a to interview that you got Kirsten Dunst con “independent”, He gave some hints as to how much Tobey Maguire earned for being Spider-Man, He did not provide an official figure, but did talk about the gap between his salary and that of a spider.

The salary discrepancy between me and Toby was too extreme. I didn’t even think of asking for anything. I guess I thought it was okay, because Toby was the one who played Spider-Man. But do you know who was on the cover of the second Spider-Man poster? he and mesaid the actress.

Although the Not giving an official number many of The media have reportedly contacted Dunst After the interview, some characters appeared as it was said Tobey Maguire earned $4 million by First installment 17.5 million by Monday And at the end Triple was charging About 25 million dollars.

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Ain, these Numbers Supposedly is filtered, They don’t confirm that the information comes directly from the actress who played Mary Jane, but she approximate “real” from what Tobey Maguire it will be He won the Spider-Man award in 2002, 2004 and 2007.

right Now Attention It is set to see if Tobey Maguire He will accompany Tom Holland in the movie “Spider-Man: No Way Home”, The Marvel movie that is destined to be the most watched movie in history and which so far has not confirmed its appearance, like the appearance of Andrew Garfield.

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