Nick Kamen, the musician and face of Levis for years, lost his life

Nick Kamen, the musician and face of Levis for years, lost his life

The ArtistAnd the Singer s FormAnd the Nick came, Who lost his life at the age of 59 years after a long health condition, this information was revealed by a close family friend to the media in his country.

Of British descent, he sought luck Angels And he became a professional model. He was handsome and sang well, which attracted his attention greatly Madonna And fashion. Since he starred in Levi’s most famous commercial, he has taken center stage in pop music’s brightest decade.

It is worth noting that between 1985 and 1992 he was one of the most famous faces on the entire planet, thanks to his role as a model and the single “I Promise Myself”, so yes, Kamen was one of the most famous faces. Faces of the late 1980s and early 1990s.

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As mentioned, the protagonist was in Television Advertisement This led to an increase in sales of “Levi’s 501”, Madonna wrote one of her first songs, and in 1990 she became an ubiquitous icon with her song.

It is worth noting that he was a member of the family of artists, including the guitarist Chester Stone, Collaborator in home country s Brian Ferry, Among others; He is also an artist and model Barry Kamen.

He rose to fame in 1984 as a model in his native England, and from there, he achieved international fame as the face and body of Levi, later on, but also around that time starting his music career with great success in England and supporting Europe, among other things, for a piece of entertainment Musical written by Madonna herself.

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In 1986, after a few hits, Madonna received a four-track package by Kamen and a Levi ad, and the author of the shipment was Seymour Stein, the powerful CEO who made Warner’s nose a superpower in the recording.

In the advertisement, Londrit, Kamen got into the laundry like a rebellious young man to the rhythm of Marvin Jay to wash the clothes he was wearing until he was inside, and the image of Kamen completely captivated Madonna, who later admitted in the important media who was Shatti.

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He even made a comment that caused quite a stir at the time, however, the singer was only expressing herself, and before capturing her, she said, “This boy has it all.”
Madonna asked Stein to co-produce “Every Time My Heart Sounds”, where she also worked as a backup singer, the song was a disregard for True Blue, and a sign of the confidence the singer had in the youth. a leg.

Nick published his first album, named after him, in 1987, and it was an album with covers by authors such as Bob Dylan, Bert Bacharach, Bob Hillard or Sam Cooke, but of all the songs that only one swept, this album was- break a song that reached number 5 on UK broadcasters.

The song’s success propelled Kamen’s career for years, until his single “I promised myself”, with which in 1990 he became an ubiquitous face, however, his career came to an abrupt end after his last album in 1992.

Since then, Kamen has completely disappeared from public life, in fact, his last appearance in the media was around 2002, later he lived a reserved life after a decade in which the world never got tired of seeing his face.

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