Kisilov and an auditor from Espacio Futuro called for clean elections in Ecuador

Kisilov and an auditor from Espacio Futuro called for clean elections in Ecuador

The governor of Buenos Aires, Axel Kisilov, along with other progressive leaders from Latin America and Spain who make up the so-called space of the future, sent messages today to the United Nations representation in Ecuador and to the Inter-American Court of Human Rights to demand it. The procedures must be “meticulously respected. Democratic” and that there are “clean elections” in the presidential election scheduled for Ecuador on Sunday.

One letter is addressed to the United Nations Resident Coordinator in Ecuador, Lena Saveli, and the other is to the President of the Inter-American Court of Human Rights, Elizabeth Udeo Benito.

The letters were signed by Kicillof and other members of Espacio Futuro, including Pablo Iglesias, Vice President of Spain; Andres Araouz, Ecuadorean presidential candidate; Veronica Mendoza, Peru’s new leader; Maria Nella Prada, Minister of Presidency of Bolivia; Alvaro García Linera, Former Vice President of Bolivia; Maximiliano Reyes, Vice-Chancellor of Mexico. And Daniel Jadu, Mayor of Recoleta, Chile.

The polls called for “the meticulous respect for democratic procedures to ensure clean, transparent and equal elections.”

“This requirement means not to postpone and / or suspend the electoral appointment date by the wrong use of events such as the epidemic caused by the Coronavirus,” Espacio Futuro erases warned in separate messages.

Likewise, they called on “the Ecuadorian electoral authorities and the political actors participating in these elections” to “abide by the deadlines for scrutiny stipulated in the legislation”.

They explained in the letters that “this requirement means not to announce in advance and through unofficial channels any kind of results, and to use these announcements to achieve political goals that are not legitimized by the ballot box.”

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On the other hand, they called for “the observance of these democratic principles, in order to guarantee the right to vote and be represented by the Ecuadorian people without any kind of interference.”

Members warned that “the only goal that encourages Espacio Futuro is that the result that emerged from the ballot boxes on February 7 faithfully and democratically the will of Ecuadorians and Ecuadorians, expressed freely and with all procedural guarantees.”

The reviewers stated that these are repercussions for the presidential elections in Ecuador next Sunday, which took place in a digital session held on January 29. (Telam)

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