Koman’s strong message after Messi’s departure and confirms the signing he needs for Barcelona

Koman’s strong message after Messi’s departure and confirms the signing he needs for Barcelona

Ronald Common Reviewed news about Barcelona Before tomorrow’s game The real community Lalika at the beginning of 2021-22. The coach thanked the captains for their financial efforts to reduce the pay for the addition Discount Y Eric Garcia. He sent a strong message about Messi saying goodbye and promised that he needed another striker.

Barcelona owe this millionaire debt to Messi

Record of transfers

We know the club’s financial situation and need help. We need to highlight the attitude of Gerrard, Sergei Roberto, Busquests, Alba … they want to help the club improve the economic situation. They show that they are the people of the house.


We were on the national team together for two years. It has provided greater efficiency and effectiveness. With Leo we lost a lot of performance and we ask others for it. Not just for ancestors, but for the media. We strive to improve and have more strategic goals.

Anju Fathi

He has taken steps to recover, but may be with the team in two or three weeks. Play after the Lalika stop.


I like to work with him, he is a team player, he always helps without the ball, he is always happy, he is inspiring. It should go one step further and be very effective. Without Leo it is very important because he can take his position.

Messi broke the record by selling PSG shirts


We have no men and some players are still injured. The template is short. That’s why we need a striker. But it depends on whether we can sign. It depends on the theme of the fair game. If it is done, it will be signed.

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Messi’s farewell

“Messi’s departure has unfortunately affected all of us. It was normal for everything he gave. These are things that happen, but there is a future, because we should be excited because this team will give a lot. I am clear that we will raise the spirits of the people.

Team without Messi

There was a lot of talk about the lion, and it was normal. He is the best player in the world. It gave many titles, but it was gone. We don’t have it, it’s over. There is a very strong force. We are going to rescue the injured and we will have a very strong team to achieve our goals. Whoever we are, but this team without Messi has a great season. Now we have to play without Messi, play with young footballers and add more intensity. I am clear that this team is going to give us a lot of pleasure.


The Champions League is something else. You need to think more about Lalika. We are a strong team. But the Champions League is different. There are winning teams without the best teams, but there are strong ones.

The real community

” I’m very optimistic. We will have 20 or 22 thousand fans, which is the best. We know the quality of the opponent who played many games last year.

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