Kovit-19: Ponto players bringing drive-in Christmas excitement | UK News

Kovit-19: Ponto players bringing drive-in Christmas excitement |  UK News

Going to the drive-in pantomime is an odd experience.

It’s done with clothing circle and stalls, and is streamed to you via your own car and production radio.

Audience participation is also confusingly different, with applause being replaced by flashing car horns and headlights.

Once upon a time COVID-19, This is a social distant dream, everyone has their own car bubbles.

The whole cast of Horrible Christmas is living in a ‘show bubble’

Car park pantomimes are considered the solution to a sour 2020.

For many, Christmas would not be the same without a trip to Ponto, and without being able to open in theaters in tier 3 and 4, a company has found an alternative way to spread the Christmas excitement.

The cast of Horrible Christmas, from Birmingham Stage, will be touring the UK in various outdoor locations throughout December and January.

For many of the actors involved, this is the only job they’ve gotten in months.

But interestingly enough, even when most needed, it comes at a price.

The actors are all committed to being in a ‘show bubble’ so they can spend the festive season away from their family and friends.

Neil Foster, an acting member and manager of Birmingham Stage Company, will host 11 actors at his home on Christmas Day.

Speaking to Sky News, Mr Foster said the process was unusual but necessary.

“We all rehearse in the same house, live, eat and sleep – sometimes for four rooms – to be together.

Perth, Scotland - December 10: Two young women look out of a car window as students, parents and guardians attend the filming of the Gilgorston Girls' School Drive on December 10, 2020 in Perth, Scotland.  The school is releasing a Covit Christmas movie, which will feature all 260 students and 100 staff, registered over two weeks and shown tonight during three shows.  (Photo by Jeff J. Mitchell / Getty Images)
Kovit-19 has sparked many drive-in events such as movie nights and music

“We have to be like that for five weeks so no one can come anywhere near us and we can’t go shopping or have a quick drink after a show like the cast.

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“In order to bring Christmas to the British people, we are touring the country in a tourist bus – everyone is sleeping in bunkers.”

The cast is not allowed to be near any of the members as the explosion into the tight knit team may have completely halted the tour.

The production team is also in its own bubble – and they need to stay away from the cast.

But the actors are willing to make sacrifices after a difficult year for their careers.

Alison Fitzgerald is an actress and part of the production. He says the arts have been a success since the epidemic, which has caused difficulties for many.

Hockney, England - December 13: School children leave their places to dance at the end of a traditional pantomime show "Sleeping Beauty" In the Hockney Empire on December 13, 2016 in Hockney, England.
In the pre-epidemic period, audiences often closed theaters across the UK

“There were some dark times as an actor. ‘Should I do the whole reuse thing? Should I go the other way?’

“Everyone had a tough year like this. As an actor, acting is a part of who you are. Not only this What We do. So awesome to perform and entertain people.

“It’s so magical that we’re all excited about this product.”

The government has pledged a $ 1.57 billion recovery deal to boost the arts.

Although the Car Park Bando team believes there are some missed opportunities in government action, they all think they are lucky to be involved in this project.

The terrifying Christmas car park Pondo will run until January 3rd.

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