Kyrie Irving got on the line before scoring the game-winning basket over Jokic

Kyrie Irving got on the line before scoring the game-winning basket over Jokic

toEchoes of victory Mavericks before Nuggets (107-105) After a basket over the horn Kyrie Irving above Nikola Jokic It is not turned off. In fact, they were revived after this became clear The point guard stood on the sideline, according to photos circulated on social media Posted by some fans who watched the event closely on American Airlines Dallas Center.

This action was caused A heated debate in the NBA over the consistency of refereeing and its controversial decisionsWhich lacks uniformity in similar situations. Irving's jump four meters from the rim was impressive, but it shouldn't have shown up on the scoreboard When he stepped on the touchline when he received the ball before the confrontation Jokic. But the refs didn't even review the play otherwise He made sure the Mavs point guard's shot was timely.

Greater coherence and uniformity in arbitration decisions

Audiences, especially fans Fragments In this case, they demand greater consistency in arbitration awards. Above all because The night before, LeBron James' 3-pointer against the Warriors that was deemed valid in the first place was invalidated.But it was later canceled after the play was reviewed. The first photo appears to have left a small margin between them James sneakers and line. But after reviewing the enlarged photo, it was canceled when it was considered that he had left the house.

That play Lebron It happened outside of the final two minutes of the game and was reviewed nonetheless Neither the Warriors coach nor any of his players protested this violation.. It was the referees on their own initiative who decided to review the play and ultimately cancel the triple.

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– Different standards and transparency

The contrast in how these two incidents were handled highlights what happened The need for greater accountability and transparency in arbitration. Both fans and players have expressed their opinions – Frustration due to inconsistency in decisionsWhich can have a huge impact on the outcome of matches.

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