La Bronca, 10th elimination – Telemundo Miami (51)

La Bronca, 10th elimination – Telemundo Miami (51)

On a Monday in which the majority of the population had not recovered from the night of positioning and fidelity, the doors of La Casa de los Famosos opened to bid farewell to La Bronca, who became the tenth to be eliminated from the famous reality show and is left without the possibility of taking the bag with a cash prize of 200 thousand dollars for the winner.

After what seemed like a very long wait, La Bronca learned that her requests had finally been heard and she became the 10th to be eliminated from the show and would be able to reunite with her 8-year-old son and husband.

So they returned home

In what was his fifth nomination, Clovis was the first resident to be saved by public decision and walked the halls thanking the public and his loved ones. After descending the stairs, he was greeted with a kiss on the cheek from Alyeska and hugs from his land and water teammates.

From Fuego's room, Geraldine and Serath approached only to congratulate him on his return home.

Who accompanies Clovis? Nacho Lozano asked the three remaining candidates, before telling them who else had been saved by the public and was still on track to receive $200,000. Thus, Ariadna was the next to be rescued, and after embracing her companions, she walked down the hall.

With shouts of joy, the residents of the Tierra y Agua rooms celebrated the return of the model and beauty queen, who distributed hugs.

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“I was dying there,” he told his comrades. “We've all had headaches, back pain and foot pain.”

After learning that La Bronca had been eliminated, Cristina jumped down the hall, as Nacho Lozano said, to return to La Casa to fight her own battle.

Three personal reasons and one strategic.

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