La Cantina 25: The 50-second attack kills six in Morelia

La Cantina 25: The 50-second attack kills six in Morelia

A violent attack on the doors of a bar in Morelia, Michoacan, killed six people and injured two in the early hours of Monday. Security photos revealed an attack, and in less than a minute, three armed men shot a group of people outside La Cantina 25. Authorities say accounts may be settled between organized crime groups.

Everything happens in 50 seconds: about 20 people are there at about 3.30am at the door of the building, on Enrique Ramírez Street, near Las Américas shopping plaza. A white truck approached and two men armed with pistols got out and started shooting at the youths. Both are covered with their faces. The group is scattered and some victims try to escape. Several people fell to the ground through direct shots from very close range.

A few seconds later, the truck vanished and two vehicles, black and white, arrived. From one of them comes a third man who runs with his face uncovered, and ends with several people already lying on the ground. The three attackers flee in cars. None of them have been identified so far, according to a statement from the prosecutor’s office. Three of the victims died at the scene of the attack and three others died in hospital while receiving medical care.

Morelia’s security commissioner, Alejandro Gonzalez Cosi, told local media that the current course of the investigation is a possible settlement of dozens of organized crime groups. The municipal official had reported that some of the victims were wounded by more than 20 gunshots, and that three of them had received “the coup of mercy”.

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Gonzalez admitted that Morelia police were near the scene of the attack, but they were unable to intervene. He pointed out that “it could not contain a firepower of 50 shells because they were on their way to fire.” Municipal police responded very quickly and provided first aid and two cars were located and secured. The commissioner noted that the case is beyond the powers of the Capital City Council, and therefore They should be taken at the state or federal level.

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