Marilyn Favela makes an impact with her black ball gown that highlights her big bokeh

Marilyn Favela makes an impact with her black ball gown that highlights her big bokeh

The actress not only dazzles with her talent in soap operas, but also in shows like Our Latin Beauty, where Effect With a beautiful black dress that defined her hips and highlighted her big bokeh, this woman is a queen.

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Marilyn Favela is one of the most famous telenovela actresses, and the last actress we saw participating in her was in soullessThe truth is that we miss her in those projects, although that was an obstacle to all her followers.

through your account Instagram It’s the place where an endless array of clothes shines and shines with so much elegance that we are shocked by so much Beauty, as well as giving us ideas on how to combine a particular outfit or emphasize what’s on trend.

Marilyn favela She shared a post where she’s wearing a long black dress, this dress perfectly fitting her hips and highlighting her big bokeh, since she not only settled on uploading that photo, but also strolled the stories.

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Where we realize her great skills as a model and the details that this dress possesses, because it mimics a corset. Marilyn Favela paired this dress so well with white studded sneakers, she loved them both.

As you know, Marlene Favela owns her own brand of makeup, which she constantly promotes on social networks, and this occasion was no exception, sharing through many stories the specific moment when she was in the company of Professional makeup artist.

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This pays tribute to their products, in addition, on this night of lusterMarilyn Favela combined two of her lipsticks to create a deep purple that looks stunning. On the other hand, her hair was wavy, loose and very natural.

All his followers did not hesitate for a moment to comment on the photo, this indicates their admiration and admiration for it, since the only thing that distinguished among all the words was how beautiful and captivating it looked, in addition to its infinity. hearts And the faces of love.

I’m sure it was an exciting night for Marilyn Favela, as she always surprises us with very elegant outfits and feminineBesides, as they say, “less is more”, because she rarely exaggerates with accessories or makeup.

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