“La Capital Mar del Plata,” Juan Pablo Sanchez passed away

“La Capital Mar del Plata,” Juan Pablo Sanchez passed away

Former basketball player Juan Pablo Sanchez, Only 37 years old, remembering the steps in the National League of Penarol and Coelms, He died on a Wednesday afternoon in this city of a cardiac arrest at the door of the Colon Clinic, where he had gone for treatment minutes before vomiting.

According to his friends, the man from Mendoza, who has lived in Mar del Plata for more than two decades, has been feeling bad since Tuesday, with a sore throat and an upset stomach. This Wednesday he felt better in the morning that he even thought about going to work. But he thought about it better and stayed home. When the vomiting resurfaced, it went to Colon Clinic, Where they gave him a shot of Relieveran. When he was leaving that institution, his death occurred.

Sanchez, a very promising base assistant in his formative phase, arrived from Mendoza to play for Unión, recruited by Bahia coach Daniel Frola. At Club 9 de Julio Street, he clearly excelled in the cadet class and was recruited by Peñarol in 2000.

the black” Carlos Romano He made his national league debut in the 2000/2001 season and spent three seasons at Penarol. When the three-year loan ended, milrayitas was not in a position to pay what Unión wanted the player to and ended up in Quilmes.

At Luro and Guido, thanks to his athletic ability and attachment to defense, he made the best of his campaign in the National League. In addition to his sports performance, he always said that he would be grateful to Quilmes all his life for meeting him AugustineAnd his wife and mother of two daughters, daughter in turn of the great Quilmean glory Guillermo García-Ayaga.

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He played “Juampi” in Quilmes until the 2006/07 season. Then it passed through Independiente de Neuquen, Lanus and Boca. At a very young age, in 2010, he decided to leave professional basketball due to his frequent physical problems with his knees. He continued his activities intermittently within the Mar del Plata Association, having played in recent years with Sporting, Onion and Club Experts.

In the past 10 years he has discovered his other passion: cooking. He took care of her enthusiastically Santa Rita, His father-in-law’s restaurant, where he was visited by many friends in basketball. The “Negro” Sanchez had no opposition. Modest, shy and simple, there was no one who could say anything bad about him. He was a great basketball player and cob. The news of his death shocked the entire sporting scene in Mar del Plata.

Deep pain caused an unexpected death in the basketball world on Wednesday Juan Pablo Sanchez, With whom he played in the Mar del Plata National League Pinarol However Quilmes But it has also passed other establishments in the city such as Unión, Sporting, and IAE.

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