Labor cuts candidates in LDP target area by a third, amid allegations of electoral deal

Labor cuts candidates in LDP target area by a third, amid allegations of electoral deal

“There is no agreement, and everyone knows there is no agreement,” Sir Kerr said. “No deal now and there will be no deal in the future,” Sir Ed said.

Labor sources accused the Conservative Party of a political ploy Aimed to distract from the propaganda for local electionsAround the Conservative Party Headquarters Prepare for losses.

The percentage of council seats offered by political parties can vary between election cycles, partly reflecting the strength of local party associations.

But the sharp drop in Labor Party nominees in the southwest has led to skepticism from Tory sources, given the traditional strength of the Liberal Democrats in the region.

The success of the Liberal Democrats in the 2010 elections, which allowed them to enter into a coalition with the Conservative Party, was built in part on a string of victories in the Southwest.

LDP officials see the district as a key aspect of their comeback plan for the upcoming elections, which includes targeting so-called “blue wall” seats in powerful rural Tory constituencies.

There is no formal general election agreement between Labor and the Liberal Democrats, but Conservative Party figures doubt a degree of special coordination between the two parties’ electoral strategists.

at recent days By-elections in North ShropshireAfter Conservative MP Owen Patterson resigned, both parties ran.

However, Conservative Party officials believe Labor has fallen behind, putting limited resources in terms of party money and shadow government members’ time, since the Liberal Democrats were better positioned to win.

In the end, it was the Liberal Democrats who scored a victory, upending an overwhelming majority of the Conservative Party and raising questions about Boris Johnson’s leadership of the party.

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