Labor Minister: “Angle list is trivial for the government”

Labor Minister: “Angle list is trivial for the government”

Rolando Castro reiterated that he was “giving up” the US visa, which was suspended when his name was released on the list.

Labor Minister Rolando Castro has once again downgraded List of corrupt officials Released last week by the United States Department of State, in which he appeared alongside other officials and former government officials in the Naib Bukhale government.

Among the key figures mentioned were Carolina Resinos, head of staff, in addition to Rolando Castro; Former Agriculture Minister Pablo Unligor; Conan Castro, Legal Secretary to the President; Osiris Luna, director of the Penal Centers, former defense minister Rosalio Rivas and FMLN’s historic leader Jose Luis Merino, who was close to President Naib Buchale and funded the president’s proselytizing campaign, was launched as a presidential candidate.

In an interview with Channel 12’s Noticio Hecos, Castro stressed that the Engel list had “little credibility” because it belonged to the “World Geopolitical Board” where, according to him, it included the interests of interested campaigners influencing the government of Salvador.

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He also confirmed that the reasons for this inclusion were “not because he was a corrupt person”, but that he had problems with two people, including former San Salvador mayor Ernesto Mushond and businessman Adolfo Salom. , Who said that is indicated in the list.

In this regard, Castro justified himself by saying that he could not consider himself corrupt, because in the previous state portfolio he “could not even pay for electricity” because he was the “poorest in the state” ministry and could not misuse those funds. Of the state. The same.

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However, a document released last Thursday said that the State Department had isolated him in order to prevent corruption investigations and to undermine democracy in order to harm political rivals.

Nevertheless, he persisted in his decision to “abandon” the US visa “because of the damage to his property”, even though the visa had already been suspended as soon as his name appeared on Engel’s list.

“I will not apply for a visa again for the rest of my life,” the minister added, adding that in the six years that this document has been in effect, he has only visited US lands on 7 or 8 occasions; One of them is with my family ”.

“I don’t need a visa because I have a good job; I am President Naib Bukelin’s Minister, ”Rolando Castro confirmed. Photo EDH / Archive

Another point he made to discredit the list sent by the State Department to the US Congress was that the trial period for its construction was unknown and, in addition, the government of Joe Biden was informed by the Salvador media. He blamed newspapers such as El Forro, Bectum and Cado Encerado for the name that appeared in the document, which was classified on July 1.

“We have analyzed it as a government, and that list (Angle list) is unimportant to us,” he said, adding that Naib Bukel’s administration did not have “credibility” because former presidents like Antonio Saga did not appear on the list of Mauricio Funes or Alfredo Christiani, Friday. A day after its release, Jean Manes, the embassy’s business manager, clarified that the list was “not a definitive one” and that those pointed out were in agreement with current corrupt officials to provide an immediate solution to the problem.

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Furthermore, Castro promised that “no one expected him to appear on the list,” so he insisted that “adding him” due to internal and external influences was a disgrace to a person’s reputation. “).

In addition, considering the possibility of the United States freezing the assets of those listed in the United States, he has no bank accounts in any country in the world because he is a “simple payroll” and his salary as a minister. He added that he would send a letter to the State Department seeking clarification on the situation regarding the allegations.

About the plan to increase the minimum wage

On the plan to raise the current minimum wage by 20%, Castro contradicted Finance Minister Alejandro Zelaya yesterday, saying the government was still looking at where to take the $ 100 million in that trust. To subsidize micro and small businesses and to absorb what they have increased.

“I do not know what the treasury sources said,” Castro said, adding that the funds were “already clear and defined” and that he did not know where they were coming from, although Zelaya said yesterday. It was clear that it would be taken and that it would only come from the nation’s general budget.

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In addition, he confirmed that the necessary documents will be sent to the treasury today so that the law of trust can be divided into financial law. “The treasury has already defined budget items,” he said.

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He confirmed that the plan to increase the minimum wage had been in place for two years when the National Minimum Wage Council (CNS) was set up, but that it was no longer an uncoordinated epidemic.

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