Land Roar wants to send you into space with Virgin Galactic. know how to go…

Land Roar wants to send you into space with Virgin Galactic.  know how to go…

Land Rover, in association with Virgin Galactic, has announced the launch of Land Rover and Virgin Galactic Adventure in a lifetime sweepstakes.

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Land Roar owners residing in the United States will have a chance to win the final grand prize for a seat on a Virgin Galactic spaceflight.

The sweepstakes invites new and existing US-based Land Rover owners to enter with family and friends to increase their chances of winning the grand prize, a seat on a Virgin Galactic spaceflight, or other prizes including Land Rovers. Experiences, Land Rover products, Virgin Galactic, and more.

said Joe Eberhart, Chairman and CEO of Jaguar North America Land Rover.

“Land Rover and Virgin Galactic share a spirit of innovation and exploration, and now together we are offering our owners the adventure of a lifetime.”

“Virgin Galactic and Land Rover have built a strong partnership rooted in pushing boundaries and reaching the unknown,” said Blair Rich, Virgin Galactic President and Chief Commercial Officer.

“Our spaceflight experience is like no other and we are proud to work with Land Rover to bring this incredible flight to one of their valued customers.”

Land Rover owners residing in the United States can be entered to win by entering a sweepstakes at

After registering, they can receive additional entries by creating a space team and referring friends and family to join.

Through various actions, members of the space team create additional entries for the owner of the Land Roar: register online to receive more information about the Land Roar (1 entry); order a new Land Rover (50 tickets); Buying, financing or renting a new Land Rover (100 tickets).

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We don’t know how many tickets you will get if you buy a new Land Rover and it fails.

Entries will be accepted until June 20, 2022 and the grand prize winner will be announced around August 15, 2022.

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