Latest news from around the world

Latest news from around the world
Trump speaks in Wisconsin on Friday. MANDEL NGAN / AFP via Getty Images

When President Trump visited the two states, which saw huge increases in the Govt-19 cases, he did not talk about rising rates there or what the administration could do to prevent the nationwide increase.

Trump traveled to Michigan – which saw more than 2,000 lawsuits every day on Thursdays and Fridays, which is still the highest daily case rates – and Wisconsin, which set records this week regarding its case numbers. Friday was the sixth highest case since the outbreak began.

At both rallies, according to his previous events, thousands of participants did not wear masks. However, Trump was able to see the electorate wearing masks in the campaign to sit behind the president in both cases, which should be captured as part of the televised speech of the president. Social distance was not included in any of the events.

Trump’s speeches include the familiar position that the president should open up the nation, saying China is the cause of the virus, and he is recovering quickly. He also said that it was his immunity against the virus, although it was not known if it was clinically accurate.

In Jansville, Wisconsin, Trump again falsely asserted that “the country” is going around the corner, which appears to be the third spike in the cases. “You see, we’re going around the corner,” he said. Except. ”There it is There is no evidence Progress towards a vaccine has been sluggish due to political maneuvers.

Trump told his supporters that some states have seen spikes before, but are now moving in the right direction: “My plan is to crush the virus and make Wisconsin bigger than before, and that’s what is going to happen. It happens fast. ”

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He also misrepresented the Democrats – reports of increases, in fact, from non-discriminatory universities.

During a rally in Moscow, Michigan, he blamed the epidemic without citing evidence for his current political position. “You know, we took the lead so much. This thing wasn’t even going to be an election, and then Blake came to us. You know, this, I had to go to work on this thing.”

Trump spoke of his recovery at both rallies. “Hey I’m here! I am here. Right? ”He told the Michigan crowd.

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