Stop using WhatsApp! Look at some of the reasons

Stop using WhatsApp!  Look at some of the reasons

At this point we will mention some of the reasons to stop using the popular app Share, So if you are reluctant to continue using, keep reading because we will tell you the reasons why you should go for another application.

Since 2014, the WhatsApp messaging app has become hugely popular and even Application On top of the cat.

This allows us to make video calls and calls overseas for free, communicate with our loved ones or coordinate some kind of event or work meeting.

However, unfortunately with the advent of its new 2021 policies it all fell apart overnight as many decided to remove and install the app Telegraph.

Among the most controversial policy within the new 2021 WhatsApp policies is the fact that the app can share personal information such as your data, cell phone number or name. Facebook And their companies.

In this way, to prevent this from happening, thousands of people decided not only to change the message app, but also to delete it Share.

Why you should remove:


New Policies 2021

Undoubtedly, this is the main reason you delete WhatsApp because if you do not want your data to be shared, you can use other messaging apps such as Telegram or Signal and avoid using one that Facebook has, so your information is never used more.


You can export your contacts

As you know, our contacts are synced with WhatsApp because it requires your authorization to access them.

Therefore, any application you use, such as Telegram, will ask permission to add friends and talk to them.


Your memory will not be filled

If you download photos, videos, or audio, the WhatsApp app will use your cell phone’s storage.

Many of these are hidden and in the case of Telegram, you can download the files you want from your cloud.


You do not have to back up

For example, unlike WhatsApp, the Telegram app stores everything in its cloud, and from the moment you enter, all your conversations are at hand.


Hide the fact that you are “online”

There is no doubt that privacy is one of the points that many people want to strengthen on WhatsApp.

However, there is a telegram tool so that no one can see you “online”.

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