Laura Bozzo launches a massive attack on Rebecca de Alba

Laura Bozzo launches a massive attack on Rebecca de Alba

Famous lawyer and broadcaster Laura Pozzo Once again he’s in the eye of a hurricane, that’s after his former partner Christian Zouarez He will reveal some of his crimes to the stars of the show like Rebecca de Alba and Erika Buenfil, all out of jealousy.

Stories with Rebecca De Alba, Stories with Erica Boynville, Simply in meetings we coincide with and assuming that I have an affair with them and starting to provoke a public scandal, Zwartz begins to tell.

Zuárez directly shared some of the painful moments he had with the Peruvian broadcaster, all because of the jealousy that brought him close to others. women.
To say Christian Zouares, Laura Pozzo He was able to call beloved host Rebecca De Alba “masseuses … cheap”, all because her ex-husband asked her for a picture and stood next to her, who was dressed in an amazing way, when the former host found her in America.

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Ask Rebbeca de Alba for a photo and say to Pepillo ‘Can you take a picture of me with her? I’m standing next to Rebecca, she’s wearing an amazing dress and suddenly Laura who is already holding some other drinks comes up and says “Who is this bitch … cheap?” he said to her.

The celebrity asserted that Pozzo launched an attack against former Ricky Martin and later released a tray filled with drinks brought by the waiter. Apparently, the Peruvian had already had a few drinks.

A waiter just passed by the whiskey and the glasses and Laura did (she slapped her hand) and it all exploded. Rebecca looked at her and said, “And who’s the crazy one?” You can’t even see it in paint, he added.

A similar case occurred with Erica Bowenville, and the former attorney indicated that he had again asked the celebrity to take a picture of her, causing an uproar. Laura Pozzo told him that if he wanted to take him to bed and other offenses, but what Christian Zouwares referred to as really offensive is the fact that the presenter said things about the son of the Tik Tok queen, which really affected him.

We took pictures that night with my phone and she asked me to pass the pictures on to her. We were all together, had a drink or two, on the second drink she was actually going to mambo. And he starts yelling at him about everything “If you want him … take her to your bed, I don’t know how you dare raise my husband in my face.”

Christian Zouares asserted that the Peruvian broadcaster’s words offended the protagonist Marisol in such a way that she ended up crying in the bathroom.

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He told her about everything and also touched on his son’s issues, who was so ugly because I don’t know what his role in being a mother was, and with whom or how. He went to the bathroom crying.

The couple posed by Laura Bozzo and Cristian Zuárez were one of the most popular couples on TV, due to the immense popularity of their host Laura in America And the big difference in age.

But the most scandalous thing was the separation, as many asserted that it was infidelity and there were those who indicated that Lazwarise had an affair with the driver’s daughter. It turns out that the Peruvian has followed him with a sharp kitchen gadget because she wanted to leave him without part of his body before he got too angry.

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