2021 Women’s Health Resolution

2021 Women’s Health Resolution

Because of laziness, negligence, forgetfulness and negligence .. There are tens of excuses to postpone medical examinations, although one knows their importance to prevent early detection of many diseases. That is why, among the goals for 2021, the Palacios Institute states that women should undergo an annual gynecological examination, essential for body care and reproductive health.

Dr. Palacios, director of the center, insists, “It is imperative that many women realize the importance of having this type of medical examination.”

According to the latest survey by Ipsos Global Advisors, 19 percent of women in Spain said they had never visited a gynecologist, despite the fact that this type of examination varies depending on criteria such as the patient’s age or sexual or clinical history. As long as there were no previous anomalies, control of a woman’s health begins when she is between 13 and 14 years old. “The epidemic cannot be an excuse for not implementing the controls. Dr. Palacios: “The specialized centers have all the safety, protection and hygiene measures in place for these very important checks.”

Gynecological examination

According to the Palacios Institute, a gynecological examination is the best way to detect cysts, fibroids, and sexually transmitted diseases.

For girls between the ages of 13 and 15, it is recommended to have a pelvic exam to check the vulva and internal genitals, to do the first menstrual examination, first cell examination, and to be vaccinated against the human papilloma virus (HPV).


This is a quick and painless test. It is one of the most important medical examinations for a woman’s health and must be performed according to the patient’s protocols and characteristics.

It consists of taking a sample of cervical cells to look for changes that may lead to diseases, such as cervical cancer or those caused by the human papillomavirus (HPV). In its early stages, experts say that uterine cancer usually does not show symptoms. This is why a Pap smear, especially in sexually active women, is “so important”.


Another check “must be done”. The institute notes that it is a fast, safe procedure, and the most effective tool in detecting diseases such as breast cancer. This way, there is less chance of needing aggressive treatment such as removal surgery or chemotherapy. “From the age of forty, women should have regular mammograms,” says Dr. Palacios.

Bone density measurement

This test determines your bone mineral density. It allows knowledge of its condition and early diagnosis of osteoporosis to prevent fractures for this reason.

They state that bone decalcification is a disease characterized by a gradual loss of calcium and a decrease in bone mass.

Densitometry is frequently present in postmenopausal women, so it is recommended to start this test from the age of 45. Also, experts recommend that women who have early menopause, have a family history or who have used corticosteroids for a long time.

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