Lava rivers continue to devastate La Palma as it prepares for acid rain

Lava rivers continue to devastate La Palma as it prepares for acid rain

Madrid Spain.

volcano on island palm Who broke out last Sunday still spit Lava, which continues devastating progress, Albeit slowly, in the eruption phase relative stability.

Experts don’t know how long this will last “More” And they even began to suspect that magma, which now moves to only 4 meters per hour, arrived at full flowing into the sea. Everything will depend on how the situation develops in the next few hours.

If washing machines reach Costa Scientists warn of this marine interaction Using lava can generate columns of water vapor cemployment acid gases and the separation of the magma front, to be able to produce emission fragments near the point of contact.

Lava, more viscose, slows its passage

The slowness with which the lava flows now is due to the fact that it has gained viscosity and Its thickness reaches between 8 and 15 meters in its most active language. The surface affected by magma, according to the latest data, is already covered 140.44 hectares, In front of 600 meters.

In addition, the surface deformation near the area eruption It has not changed in the past hours and has remained at 28 cm, so there is a file Small stability area“, while the earthquakes Still at low levels.

This data is inconsistent with Explosion Who gave it last night volcano It ended simultaneously with partial collapse From the top of the main cone, scientists warn of a phenomenon that could happen again.

up emission material 3000 meters The cloud from the volcano is expected to reach other islands in the archipelago Canary Islands, specially Tenerife, El Hierro and La Gomera.

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Another issue that experts closely monitor is the emission of sulfur dioxide (SO2) into the atmosphere, which is estimated between 6,140 and 11,500 tons per day, although these are considered underestimated numbers due to the large value. Dioxide column dimension from matches Observed by satellite.

In fact, the European satellite system Copernicus It is estimated that sulfur dioxide from a volcano palm It will arrive on Friday to cover a large part of the Iberian Peninsula, and almost all of Morocco, Tunisia and the Mediterranean coasts of France, Italy, Algeria and Libya, albeit with Ultra Low Effects Because most of the sulfur dioxide emitted is in much higher layers of the atmosphere.

Experts insist that one should not go near areas close to washing because it can cause intangible damage at first, especially to the eyes and lungs.

possibility of injury

Meanwhile, in areas affected by volcano Which broke out last Sunday photos Neighbour What should they do? leave their homes before progress Lava (There will be more than 320 damaged homes on the island, according to Corpernicus.)

This is what happens in todock, One of the neighborhoods of Los Llanos de Aridan with a population of about 1,200, which, despite the efforts of emergency personnel, magma advanced because, as they say with resignation Local authorities, you can not fight the force temper nature.

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what Todok’s neighbors is to go to their homes, if they are not buried, to retrieve their belongings, essential documents and some souvenirs, given the slowdown in Colada.

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“If the laundry moves a little more, I The farm takes itVicente Amado, a farmer who has always devoted himself to farming, told Efe banana and That they could not reach their lands because a ten-meter-high lava wall blocked the road.

Scenario Devastation Which the kings of Spain will meet tomorrow on their visit to the island. EFE

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