LeBron breaks James ‘silence after James’ injury: “I hurt”

LeBron breaks James ‘silence after James’ injury: “I hurt”

Alarms went off at the Staples Center this Saturday night LeBron James Had to leave the game ahead Atlanta Hawks An injury. The second quarter was running as it moved forward Los Angeles Lakers When both tried to get the ball, a rival’s fall resulted in a severe impact on his leg and right ankle.

Immediately, James removed the ball, crawled into his arms and went down to the field and screamed in pain. Irritability was evident, and immediately both teams and referees went to where LeBron was to assist him when the medical team arrived.

In a few seconds, the lockers number “23” stood up to go to the locker room, He did so from a sprained upper ankle injury.

Similarly, “King” James used his social networks to send a message to his fans. “There is nothing more angry and regrettable than what is not available to my teammates! I have been injured inside and out right now. The path to recovery begins now. I will be back as soon as I never went.”He wrote on Twitter.

How long will LeBron be inactive?

We will have to wait for the official medical opinion to know how long LeBron James will be out of court. Undoubtedly, he joins fellow specific weight players who have so far been unable to play due to the team’s most significant loss and injury like Anthony Davis.

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