Lawsuit between “the family” for the 56th vote of the Salvadoran Congress

Lawsuit between “the family” for the 56th vote of the Salvadoran Congress

TSE understands that NI has 46 pure deputies, 10 in coalition, of which 9 were proposed by them and one by GANA, corresponding to the province of Cabañas.

Representative 56, who represents the qualified majority in the Legislative Assembly, caused a political lawsuit between two allied political parties, New Ideas and the Great Alliance for National Unity (GANA).

This, after the President of the Supreme Electoral Tribunal, Dora Esmeralda Barahona, the representative of the GANA party, wrote Friday evening on her Twitter account that the New Ideas Party had 55 deputies and one day it had 56.

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Truth is, TSE admits that NI has 46 pure deputies, 10 in coalition, of which 9 were proposed by NI and one by the GANA party, which corresponds to the Cabañas constituency.

GANA takes the credit for being suggested by them. However, the reality is that both parties are allies and together make up 61 votes of the eligible majority.

What do TSE judges say?

Judge Julio Olivo said: “In alliance with Jana, they got 55, more than 6 from Jana. There they achieve a qualified majority, but NI has only a simple majority and this is consistent with the assumptions raised.” He added, “One thing is how much N single-handedly gets, how much GANA single-handedly gets, how much N and GANA have joined the coalition and so on in each division.

What do the deputies of Jana say?

Romeo Auerbach, MP elected by La Libertad, wrote yesterday on his Twitter account, “Here Walter Araujo makes it clear, 46 representatives from New Jersey and 5 from Jana; and in the NI + GANA coalition, 9 affiliates with NI and one affiliated with GANA, in addition to In addition, I do not see a problem with this, the President said: NI + GANA = 61, and for my part, I will be on the side of the president. “

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Auerbach wrote, “Here is the name of the Six Jana Deputies,” and Juan Carlos Mendoza, a deputy from Santa Anna, mentioned; Guillermo Gallegos for San Salvador, Adelmo Rivas for Sonsonat, Amilcar Ayala for Cabanas, Romeo Auerbach for Libertad and Nauman Salgado for San Miguel.

On March 5, Juan Carlos Mendoza, the representative elected by Santa Anna, said through a video that was circulated on the networks: “I have learned that the audit at the Cabañas table has just ended, leaving us as a WINS party with a deputy, which we have practically maintained since The party had a delegate and we preserve him. “

He added that, with a difference of 1115 votes for the third candidate for the New Ideas Alliance with Jana, the candidate, Amilcar Ayala, left the Cabañas as a deputy.

Congressman Mendoza also said that the New Ideas’ third candidate did not reach the required marks to be able to secure a seat.

The legislator confirmed that the coalition received 46,000 votes and that the battle was to determine the most preferred candidate.

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“It is clear that when a GANA company enters, one of the new ideas is left out,” he said.

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